CP2103 Rev D Errata

CP2103 Errata
This document contains information on the errata of revision D of the CP2103.
For errata on older revisions, please refer to the errata history for the device. The device revision is typically the first letter on the line
immediately under the part number on the package marking. This is typically the second or third line.
Errata effective date: January 12th, 2016.
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Rev. 0.2
CP2103 Errata
Errata Summary
1. Errata Summary
Table 1.1. Errata Status Summary
Errata #
Dynamic Suspend Error
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Rev. 0.2 | 1
CP2103 Errata
Detailed Errata Descriptions
2. Detailed Errata Descriptions
2.1 CP2103_E101 – Dynamic Suspend Error
Description of Errata
Dynamic Suspend is an optional feature that, when enabled, allows for GPIO pins or modem signals to assume a pre-programmed
state during USB SUSPEND, and then return to their pre-SUSPEND states on exit of USB SUSPEND. The potentially affected pins
are RXD, CTS, DSR, DCD, RI, and any GPIO pin configured as an input.
If the Dynamic Suspend feature is enabled, the pin state may switch from Input mode to Output mode and drive a logic ‘0’ if a logic ‘0’
was read on the corresponding pin upon entry into SUSPEND.
Affected Conditions / Impacts
On resume from USB SUSPEND, a pin previously configured as an input can switch to an output and drive a logic ‘0’. The pin will
remain an output until either power is cycled or the device receives a reset from the /RST pin.
There is currently no workaround for this issue.
There is currently no planned resolution for this issue.
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