Optical Liquid Level Sensors
DPOS Series
* 1/2” BSP Body
* High Output Current
* Eliminates need for intermediate
control systems
* Stainless Steel construction.
Housing (Thread, Length, Hex)
Output Function
Standard Temperature
High Temperature
G1/2” (1/2” BSP), 78mm, 24mm
G1/2” (1/2” BSP), 138mm, 24mm
NPN - High in Air / NPN - Low in Air / PNP - High in Air / PNP - Low in Air
Max. Output Current
± 1 mm
1mm (depending on liquid)
Response Time: Rising Liquid
50 µS
Response Time: Falling Liquid (Ethanol)
< 1 second
Supply Voltage
+12V to 28VDC
Supply Current
25 mA
Temperature Range: Operating (sensing end only)
-25°C to +100°C
Housing Material
-25°C to +140°C
Stainless Steel, Crystal Glass dome
LED Output Indicator
Pressure Range
20 bar
IP67 (connector version), IP68 (cable version)
Thermal Testing
As per BS EN60068-2-33
As per BS EN60068-2-30
As per BS EN60068-6 Part S3:1996
Mechanical Shock
As per BS EN60068-2-27 Part 2 Ea: 1987
Order Codes:
G1/2” Nut available separately - order code DPOS12BSP
DPOS * 87 * 1 *
1: Standard Temperature Range
2: High Temperature Range
Connection Type
3: 2m (PUR3 x0.25mm) Cable
4: M12 Connector
Output Type
1: NPN (NO) High in Air (open collector)
2: NPN (NC) Low in Air (open collector)
3: PNP (NO) High in Air (open collector)
4: PNP (NC) Low in Air (open collector)
Dimensions in millimetres
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