EC13 Oscillator

Product EOL Announcement
The Product EOL Announcement signifies that a product series has entered the final phase of the
Ecliptek Product Life Cycle, and serves as advance notice of product termination per the Ecliptek
End of Life (EOL) policy.
Ecliptek Corporation announces End of Life initiation for the following product series with the intent of
discontinuing its availability.
EOL Series
3.3V 8 Pin or 14 Pin DIP Metal Thru-Hole LVCMOS/TTL Oscillator
EOL Timeline
The last date Ecliptek will accept orders (Stage 2) and the last date orders may be scheduled for
shipment (Stage 3) are listed in the table below.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
EOL Announce Date
Last Date to Order
Last Date to Ship
Alternative Products
In order to fulfill your requirements beyond this product’s discontinuation, we invite you to evaluate
the recommended alternative Ecliptek product series referenced below. Please click on the link to
view the data sheet.
Alternative Series
3.3V 8 Pin or 14 Pin DIP Metal Thru-Hole CMOS High Frequency Oscillator
Automated EOL Notification
Ecliptek offers automated notification of Product EOL Announcements. Place part numbers for which
you’d like to receive EOL Notifications into your personalized Parts List on our website and we’ll email
you when EOL is announced.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance.
Ecliptek Global Customer Support Team
(800) 433-1280 x300
[email protected]
All product warranties for discontinued products will be honored in full according to Ecliptek Terms and Conditions of Sale.