F u s e Te r m i n a l A c c e s s o r i e s
Weidmuller offers two perfect accessories for our
fuse terminals- a DIN rail mounted fuse tester
and a spare fuse holder.
Cat. # 7914890000
The compact fuse tester mounts on 35mm DIN
rail and is powered by 24Vdc. Touch a 5x20mm,
1¼”x ¼” or 13/32”x1½” fuse to the test points-if
the LED lights the fuse is good. Intended for use
with basic fuse terminals without blown fuse indication. Simple, but very convenient.
The spare fuse holder is a 35mm DIN rail mounted plastic drawer. It can hold dozens of spare
fuses or anything else you might want to keep in
the control cabinet-extra marking tags, jumpers,
lamps, etc. It can mount on vertical and horizontal rails.
Cat. # 7914760001
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Fuse Terminal Accessories
Cat. # 7914890000
Cat, # 7914760001
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