Edco H Series Installation Manual (IO-50134)

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Edco™ H Series
Telecom/Punch Block
Primary/Secondary Protection
The Edco H Series modules are ultra high speed fused solid state dual listed
Primary (UL 497) and Secondary (UL 497A) protectors for KEY/PABX systems.
The units are available in two different clamping voltages. The Edco H Series is
constructed with solid state silicon foldback technology, polyswitch resettable
fuses — PTCs — and failure fuses. The protective elements switch from the
normal high-impedance state to a low-impedance state upon a detection of a
surge, then switch back to high impedance after the surge has passed. The Edco
H Series single pair modules fit onto a standard Edco MI-50 split block and
replace bridging clips. In addition, these modules require the Edco MGB Ground
Rail for each Edco MI-50 block used.
General Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage
48, 200 VDC
Clamping Voltage (HDE)
Primary Breakdown Range (HCO)
202 -625 VDC
Operating Current
Peak Surge Current
160A (10 x 1000 T & R to Gnd)
Frequency Range
0 to 20MHz
Insertion Loss
SPD Technology
< 0.1 dB at 20MHz
Silicon Breakover Device w/Series PTC
Connection Type
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (Inches)
1.25H x 0.4W x 2.8L
1 oz
5 years
Ordering Information
Digital Extensions
Central Office/Trunks
■ Primary and secondary protection
■ UL 497 and UL 497A Listed*
■ Patent pending UHS technology
■ Silicon foldback technology
■ Auto reset fusing (PTCs)
■ Surge and sneak current protection
■ 5 year warranty
DO NOT daisy chain grounds. NOT intended for
shield termination. Install ground in accordance
with all applicable codes.
* The protector is to be used in a Listed enclosure
when used as a Primary protector and may or
may not be used in a Listed enclosure when
used as a Secondary protector.
**#6 AWG wire to building approved ground keep short. See UL 497, paragraph 7.2.2 for
more information
Installation should be performed by qualified personnel ONLY and in compliance with NEC Article 800.30 for primiary
protection and NEC article 800.32 for secondary protecton.
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