Edco SS64 SS65 Series Installation Manual (IO-50142)

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Edco SS64 & SS65 Series
Wastewater/Industrial Applications
The Edco SS64 and Edco SS65 Series suppressors are designed for the water
and wastewater industry. These multi-stage hybrid suppressors address
over-voltage transients with gas tube and silicon avalanche technology. In
addition, sneak and fault currents are mitigated with PTC devices which
consist of solid-state resettable fuses. The units are encapsulated in stainless steel pipe
nipples making them suitable for use in severe environments. The Edco SS64
models protect a signal pair and the Edco SS65 models protect a signal pair
plus the cable shield (drain wire).
General Technical Specifications
Maximum Operating Voltage:
Maximum Operating Current:
Clamping Voltage (L-G):
Clamping Voltage (L-L):
Peak Surge Current:
SPD Technology:
Frequency Range:
Insertion Loss:
Series Resistance (per Conductor):
Capacitance (Zero Volts Bias):
Operating Temperature:
Life Cycle:
28 VDC
150 mA
36 VDC
72 VDC
10 kA (8x20 uS)
GDT, SAD, w/series PTC
0 to 20 MHZ
< 0.1 dB at 20 MHz
5 Ohm (typical)
(L-G) 1200 pf (typical)
(L-L) 600 pf (typical)
-40°C to +85°C
400 @ 500 Amps (10x1000 us)
.35 lbs
UL 497B
Transient protection for lowvoltage signal lines
Sneak/fault current
Resettable fusing—PTCs
Differential and common
mode protection
Automatic recovery
Encapsulated in stainless
steel pipe nipples
Protection for one pair
(Two wires & shield on SS65)
5 year warranty
Typical Applications
Caution: The hybrid design of this product includes series resistance. Do not place this product
in service on any signal lines capable of supplying more than 150 milliamperes continuously.
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