Edco SHA-1230FS Installation Manual (IO-50151)

Edco SHA-1230FS
AC Power Protection for Traffic Cabinets
FingerSafe 120 VAC Single-Phase 2W+G, 30A
The Edco SHA-1230FS is a FingerSafe 120VAC single-phase 2W+G, 30A surge
suppressor/filter designed to shunt electrical type transients affecting the electrical
distribution inside a traffic cabinet.
The Edco SHA-1230FS offers 50kA per Mode and 100kA per phase of surge current
The Edco SHA-1230FS utilizes Thermally-protected Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOVs)
with an integrated thermally activated element designed to open in the event of
overheating due to the abnormal over-voltage, limited current conditions.
General Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage
Operating Current
120 VAC, 30A service
FingerSafe connection
Power on and failure indication
Peak Surge Current
Operating frequency
50 kA/Mode, 100 kA/Phase, 150 kA/Total
EMI Attenuation
40 dB typ
SPD Technology
MOVs w/L-C Filter
Input/Output Terminal
Finger Safe (20-6AWG)
30A (recommended)
Relay Contact
Form C Dry Contact (250V, 1A Max.)
Relay Terminal
3 Position (22-16 AWG)
Modes of Protection
Connection Type
Operation Temperature
Dimensions (Inches)
Agency Approvals
L-N, L-G, N-G
Recessessed Terminal Screws
-40°C to +85°C
1.875H x 3.25W x 5.75L
12 oz
Design incoporates UL recognized TMOVs (Type 4)
Thermally-protected metal oxide
varistors (TMOVs)
50kA/mode and 100kA/phase
surge current protection
Status/Relay Contacts
5 Year Warranty
Installation Instructions
Wiring Connections
Mounting Diagram
Emerson Network Power Contact information
Surge Protection
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Binghamton, NY 13905
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IO-50151 5/14 Rev. 2
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