10Gb/s XFP Optical Transceiver (PDF33k)

We have developed the 10Gb/s pluggable optical transceiver based on
10Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable Module (XFP) Multi Source Agreement
(MSA) specification as a key device for optical interfaces between backbone fiberoptic networks and metropolitan area networks. It has 1,550nm EML-TOSA, APDROSA, and it is enabling 80km SMF transmission. The optical interface complies
with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) standard ITU-T G959.1 P1L1-2D2, the
10Gb/s electrical interface is based on XFI specification. Also, this transceiver has
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) Function by 2-wire interface.
The transceiver is designed highly compact by the high density package
technology, and the optimization of a heat radiation design realizes less than 4.5W
of power consumption, so it is possible to operate at wide temperature range
(Tc=0 to 70°C). It support the downsizing/low power consumption of a future
optical transmission system. The feature is shown below.
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Table 1. Specifications.
10Gb/s XFP Optical
Bit rate
9.95 to 10.7 Gb/s
Optical wavelength
1,530 to 1,565nm
Optical inter power
−24 to −7dBm
Optical output power
0 to +4dBm
Extinction ratio
> 9dB
Transmission distance
Operating case temperature
0 to 70°C
Power consumption
< 4.5W
Supply voltage
+3.3, +5V
Optical connector
Duplex LC
78 × 18.35 × 8.5 mm
Fig. 1. Transmitter output waveform.
Bit error ratio
Fig. 2. Receiver output waveform (single).
Back to back
1,600ps/nm after
Overload:more than
Back to back spec;
−[email protected]×10−12
−30 −28 −26 −24 −22 −20
Average received power (dBm)
Fig. 3. Bit error ratio.
Fig. 4. External view.
All data of operating condition; Bit rate:9.95328Gb/s, Transfer code: PRBS2e31-1
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