CN 1204: Axcelerator Datasheet Update

 March 30, 2012
CN Number: 1204
CN Change Level: Minor
Subject: Axcelerator Datasheet Update
Dear Customer,
This notice is to inform you that the Axcelerator® datasheet has been updated. The
updated datasheet can be downloaded from the Microsemi SoC Products Group website:
The following key corrections have been made to this datasheet:
Change #1: Table 2-1, Absolute Maximum Ratings, was updated to correct the
maximum DC core supply voltage (VCCA) from 1.6 V to 1.7 V. The maximum
input voltage (VI) was corrected from 3.75 V to 4.1 V.
Stresses beyond the absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the
device. Exposure to absolute maximum rated conditions for extended periods may
affect device reliability. Devices should not be operated outside the
Change #2: EQ 3 for 5 V tolerance was corrected to change Vdiode from 0.8 V to
0.7 V. 3.3 V PCI and 3.3 V PCI-X are the only I/O standards that directly allow 5 V
tolerance. To implement this, an internal clamp diode between the input pad and the
VCCI pad is enabled so that the voltage at the input pin is clamped as shown in EQ
3: Vinput = VCCI + Vdiode = 3.3 V + 0.7 V = 4.0 V.
In the previous version of the datasheet, Vdiode = 0.8 V was used in EQ 3.
Change #3: The minimum VIL for 1.5 V LVCMOS and 3.3 V PCI was corrected
from –0.5 to –0.3 in Table 2-29 • DC Input and Output Levels and Table 2-33 • DC
Input and Output Levels
Logic input level low, VIL for 1.5 V LVCMOS and 3.3 V PCI had an incorrect value
of –0.5 V. It has been corrected to –0.3 V. VOL (logic output level low) of the
device that is driving the Axcelerator input pin should not go below –0.3 V.
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Several other minor updates have also been made to the Axcelerator datasheet. Please
refer to the List of Changes on page 4-1 for those updates.
If you have any questions, please contact Microsemi SoC Products Group Technical
Support at [email protected]
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