Product Overview

Product Overview
CAT661: Charge Pump Voltage Converter
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Product Description
The CAT661 is a charge-pump voltage converter. It can invert a positive input voltage to a negative output. Only two external
capacitors are needed. With a guaranteed 100mA output current capability, the CAT661 can replace a switching regulator and its
inductor. Lower EMI is achieved due to the absence of an inductor.
In addition, the CAT661 can double a voltage supplied from a battery or power supply. Inputs from 2.5V to 5.5V will yield a doubled,
5V to 11V output.
A Frequency Control pin (BOOST/FC) is provided to select either a high (typically 135kHz) or low (25kHz) internal oscillator
frequency, thus allowing quiescent current vs. capacitor size trade-offs to be made. The 135kHz frequency is selected when the FC
pin is connected to V+. The operating frequency can also be adjusted with an external capacitor at the OSC pin or by driving OSC
with an external clock.
8-pin SOIC package is available.
The CAT661 can replace the MAX660 and the LTC660 in applications where higher oscillator frequency and smaller capacitors are
needed. In addition, the CAT661 is pin compatible with the 7660/1044, offering an easy upgrade for applications with 100mA loads.
Converts V+ to V- or V+ to 2V+
Low output resistance, 10Ω typical
High power efficiency
Selectable charge pump frequency of 25kHz or 135kHz; optimize capacitor size.
Low quiescent current
Pin-compatible to MAX660, LTC660 with higher frequency operation
Available in 8-pin SOIC package
Lead-free, halogen-free package option
Negative voltage generator
Voltage doubler
Voltage splitter
Low EMI power source
GaAs FET biasing
Part Electrical Specifications
Vin Typ (V)
Vout Typ (V)
Iout Typ (mA)
ICC Max (µA)
fOSC Typ (kHz) Shutdown Pin
Package Type
3.0 to 5.5
-Vin or 2Vin
Halide free
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Created on: 6/30/2016