• Accurate Real-time Emulation of AT91SC, AT90SC and AT05SC Secure Microcontroller
Non-intrusive Emulation
Breakpoint Capability on any Hardware Instruction or Address
Emulation Allows Multiple Resets
Real-time Variables
Code Coverage
128-bit by 64K Deep Bus Trace
Watch Points and Breakpoints
Complex Triggering Capability
External Triggering Ability
Fast System Context Save and Retrieval
Integrated User Help
Hardware I/O Capability (USB, ISO, SPI & Contactless All Supported)
Advanced Scripting Support
for Smart Cards
Not all features are available on the first release of the system.
System Requirements
• A PC Running Windows® 95/98/2000 or Windows NT®
• C-Spy® Debugger from IAR Systems Installed (May be Obtained Directly from IAR
Platform (ATV1)
The ATV1 (Voyager), designed and manufactured by Atmel, provides a flexible emulation platform to support current and future Smart Card products. This platform has the
intrinsic ability to support ARM ® (AT91SC), AVR ® (AT90SC) and HC05 (AT05SC)
based smart card products, and has been designed to be both flexible and easy to
For maximum flexibility, the system has been designed to be upgraded easily. It has
been engineered to support future device architectures. Switching to support other
devices within a given core family is done simply by running a software utility that
guides the user through the device update process – there is no need to change PCBs
or jumper settings.
For maximum usability, the system provides support for the IAR Systems C-Spy frontend. It also uses a proprietary configuration control application, which allows the
developer not only to configure the hardware setup, but also to perform a variety of
functions such as bus state analysis and code coverage.
Rev. 1553BS–SMIC–03/02
Note: This is a summary document. A complete document is
available under NDA. For more information, please contact your
local Atmel sales office.
Figure 1. The ATV1 Development System
Power Switch
Reset Switch
Status Indicators
USB Port
SCADPT5 and SPI Port
(ISO7816 Compatible)
Ordering Information
Order the ATV1 using the following Atmel product name and part number.
Atmel Product Name
Atmel Product Part Number
Voyager Emulation Platform
ATV1— 90SCxxxx, where x defines the SC identity, for example, 6464C
Contact Details
Contact your local Atmel sales office to order the Voyager Emulation Platform.
Contact IAR’s Regional offices and distributors at or email [email protected] to order C-Spy Debugger.
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