MOLEX 75758-0101

0.80mm (.031”) Pitch
iPass Integrated Dual-Port
26-Circuit Stacked Connector
Molex’s iPass integrated dual-port 26-circuit stacked connector integrates two
individual-ports into a single assembly and accepts standard external cables
The iPass Interconnect System is ideal for the growing
server-storage market. The dual- port 26-circuit
stacked connector is the latest addition to the existing
iPass product family. Each port on this connector
includes eight differential pairs, creating four lanes,
each capable of 12 Gbps. Total bandwidth enabled
through the dual-port assembly is 96 Gbps.
Input/Output (I/O) bandwidth requirements are
increasing exponentially with evolving new standards.
The iPass dual-port connector will enable system
implementers to meet these requirements.
The currently available solution requires a belly-tobelly implementation, which may not be an option for
systems with boards fixed to one side of the chassis.
The new stacked dual-port connector makes it possible
to double the I/O bandwidth without a mechanical
redesign of the system enclosures.
75758 Integrated Dual
Port Connector
Molex’s iPass dual-port stacked connector accepts
standard external iPass cables, for standards such as
Serial Attach SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA (SATA), Serial Rapid
I/O (SRIO), and Ethernet. For more information on
iPass products, visit
Features and Benefits
■ Doubles the port density and prevents increase
in “beachfront” compared to the current singleport product
■ Integrated press-fit connector assembly with
cage provides one-step placement to PCB
■ Robust guide pins located on each side of the cage
ensures assembly alignment to PCB
■ Four integral screw-mount hold downs applied
from bottom of PCB provide optimal retention
of die-cast assembly to PCB without taking up
additional board real estate
iPass Integrated Dual Port Connector (Series 75758)
■ Front elastomeric EMI gasket provides excellent
EMI protection to the system face plate
■ Four ground-pad alleys are located at the rear of
the die cast assembly to provide ease of routing on
the top layer of the PCB
Reference Information
Packaging: Trays
UL File No.: Pending
CSA File No.: Pending
Mates With: Series 74547 Cable Assembly
Designed In: Millimeters
Voltage: 30V
Current: 0.5A
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 500V DC
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Megohms
Insertion Force to PCB: 25N (5.62 lb) per pin max.
Mating Force: 82.5N (18.55 lb) max.
Unmating Force: 26.5N (5.96 lb) max.
Durability: 250 cycles
Housing: LCP
Contact: Copper (Cu) Alloy
Contact Area - 0.76µm min Gold (Au)
Compliant Area - 0.76µm min Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Under plating - 2.54µm min Nickel (Ni)
PCB Thickness: 1.57mm (.062”) min
RoHS compliant: Yes
Operating Temperature: -40 to +80°C
iPass Integrated Dual Port Connector mating to two Mini SAS 4x Cables (Series 74547)
0.80mm (.031”) Pitch
iPass Integrated Dual-Port
26-Circuit Stacked Connector
75758 Integrated Dual
Port Connector
■ Server/Storage/HPC/Telecom Applications
- Servers, JBODs (just a bunch of discs), switches and routers
- RAID controllers and storage bridge bay controllers
- High-density blades
Order No.
Channel Count
Circuit Size
8 (16 differential pairs)
0.76µm Gold (Au)
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