Product Brief
Single Port MAC/PHY Controller with Non PCI Interface
The KSZ8851 supports cable diagnostics feature LinkMD®
The KSZ8851 is a single-port embedded controller chip
with 8/16/32-bit and SPI host interfaces. The device is pin
and Hewlett Packard (HP) Auto-MDIX. The LinkMD®
compatible with Micrel’s KSZ8841 and KSZ8842 product
feature determines the length of the cabling plant and also
ascertains if there is an open or short condition in the
cable. Hewlett Packard (HP) Auto-MDIX features
The KSZ8851 integrates a Fast Ethernet MAC/PHY with
eliminates the need to differentiate between straight or
an 8/16/32-bit generic host processor interface and SPI
crossover cables.
interface. The device has 18KB of internal buffer memory
shared between the RXQ and TXQ. The buffer memory on
The KSZ8851 is designed to be fully compliant with the
the receive queue is 12KB while the buffer memory for the
IEEE 802.3 standards. The KSZ8851 is also available in
transmit queue is 6KB.
industrial grade version.
The KSZ8851 is designed with flexibility in mind. The
All datasheets and support documentation can be found
device is designed using a low-power CMOS process
on Micrel’s web site at: www.micrel.com.
which features programmable IO options of 1.8/2.5/3.3V.
Block Diagram
KSZ8851 Block Diagram
LinkMD is a registered trademark of Micrel, Inc.
Micrel, Inc. TEL: +1 408.944.0800 FAX: + 1 408.474.1000 http://www.micrel.com
Single chip 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet controller with
IEEE802.3u support
Supports IEEE 802.3x full-duplex flow control and halfduplex backpressure collision flow control
Single bus timing for register and data accesses
Supports burst data transfers
Flexible 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit generic host processor interfaces
and SPI host interface
Supports both Big- and Little-Endian processors
Efficient architecture design with configurable host interrupt
schemes to minimize host CPU overhead and utilization
18KB internal memory for RX/TX FIFO buffers
– 12KB RXQ and 6KB TXQ
Ability to transmit and receive frames up to 2000 bytes
Supports TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv4/IPv6 32-bit CRC checksum
generation and checking
Powerful and flexible address filtering scheme
Support for loop back mode
Wake-on-LAN functionality
– Incorporates Magic Packet™, network link state, and
wake-up frame technology
Enhanced power management feature with energy detect
mode and power-down mode to ensure low-power
dissipation during device idle periods
HP Auto MDI-X™ crossover with disable/enable option
Micrel LinkMD® cable diagnostic capabilities to determine
cable length, diagnose faulty cables, and determine distance
to fault
Comprehensive LED indicator support for link, activity,
full/half duplex, and 10/100 speed (4 LEDs)
– User programmable
Low-power CMOS design
Programmable IO Options: 3.3V/2.5/1.8V
Commercial temperature range: 0oC to +70oC
Industrial temperature range: –40 C to +85 C
Available in 128-pin PQFP (8/16/32 Generic Bus), 48-pin
LQFP (8/16 Generic Bus) and 32-pin QFN (SPI)
Video Distribution Systems
High-end Cable, Satellite, and IP set-top boxes
Video over IP (VoIP)
Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA)
Industrial Control in Latency Critical Applications
Motion Control
Industrial Control Sensor Devices (Temperature, Pressure,
Levels, and Valves)
Security and Surveillance Cameras
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