Laser Driver Oscillator
General Description
• Low power dissipation
• Reduced parts count from the
conventional solution
• User-selectable frequency from
60MHz to 600MHz controlled
with a single resistor
• User-selectable amplitude from
10mA pk-pk to 100mA pk-pk
controlled by 0.2mA to 20mA
input current
• Auto turn-off threshold
• Soft edges for reduced EMI
• Small SOT23-5 package
The EL6202C consists of a variable amplitude, push only, oscillator
that also supplies the laser DC current. It is designed to easily interface
to existing ROM controllers, reducing parts count, and power
EL6202C - Product Brief
EL6202C - Product Brief
The reduction of parts count and the small package allows the oscillator
to be placed closer to the laser, thus reducing EMI. Also, the turn-on
and turn-off edges are slew rate limited to reduce higher harmonics.
The total current drawn from the power supply can be less than the laser
threshold current due to the unique push-only modulation method. The
average current is less than the peak oscillator current, and can be less
than half of the oscillator current. The power control current supplied
from the main board is reduced from many tens of mA to less than
One external resistor sets the oscillator frequency. A current applied to
the IIN terminal determines the amplitude of the oscillator and laser DC
current. If the oscillator amplitude is set very low, the output and oscillator are disabled. The part is available in the space-saving SOT23-5
package. It is specified for operation from -0°C to 70°C.
DVD players
DVD-ROM drives
Combo drives
MO drives
General purpose laser noise
• Local oscillator capability
Connection Diagram
Ordering Information
Part No.
Temp. Range
Outline #
0°C to +70°C
5-Pin SOT23
5-Pin SOT23
September 27, 2001
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EL6202C - Product Brief
EL6202C - Product Brief
Laser Driver Oscillator
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September 27, 2001
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