ETC 335824B00034

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TAPE Attachment Method
Part Number: 335824B00034
(Vis Number: 030952)
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BGA Surface Tape Type Heat Sink Finish Part Class
Black Anodize
Features and Benefits
• Configurations are available for a wide range of BGA package
• Tape mounted versions eliminate the need for mounting holes
in the PC Board
• These Heat Sinks can be used with either plastic or
metal/ceramic BGA Packages depending on tape used
• These Heat Sinks are compatible with Ther-a-grip tapes
Width Length Height
30mm 30mm 9.4mm
Fin Thickness Fin Thickness
# of fins
# of fins
Base Thickness
Across Width Across Length
across width across length
Mechanical Outline Drawing
Unless otherwise shown, tolerances are ±0.38(±.015)
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Thermal Performance
*θn **θf
29.4 9.11
*Natural convection thermal resistance is based on a 75 °C heat sink temperature rise.
**Forced convection thermal resistance based on an entering 1.0 m/s (200 lfm) airflow.
Due to various heat dissipation paths within a BGA device, please test the heat sink in your application.
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