CML Microcircuits
Publication PDA/878/2 December 2002
The Product Data Amendment series of documents is produced to provide basic details of changes to CML data
1.0 Introduction
This document describes the changes made to the CMX878 datasheet,
Publication No: D/878/1 February 2002 to produce the updated version: D/878/2 December
2.0 Reference Document(s)
Product datasheet: D/878/2 December 2002
2.0 Products
All current CMX878 products
4.0 Additions and Alterations
n General: Datasheet publication status changed to 'Provisional'
n Front Page: Block Diagram modified
n Contents List: Reliability text removed
(page 2)
n Section 1.2; Block diagrams, Figure 1a modified
(page 4)
n Section 1.2; Block diagrams, Figure 1c modified
(page 5)
n Section 1.2; Block diagrams, Figure 2b modified
(page 9)
n Section 1.2; Block diagrams, Text modified
(page 9)
n Section 1.4.1; Ring Detector Interface, Figure 3 and text modified
(page 10)
n Section 1.4.2; Line-derived Power and Line Interfacing; Text modified
(page 11)
n Section; loop Current Control, AC Impedance and Modulation, graphic-text modified
(page 12)
n CLID Z Section removed - following sub-sections renumbered
(page 12)
QAF297 - 1
n Section; Transmit Levels and Receive Thresholds; section re-numbered and text modified
(page 12)
n Figure 4a; Line Interfacing components; Figure re-numbered and modified
(page 13)
n Figure 4b; Explanatory View of Line Interfacing components; Figure re-numbered and modified
(page 14)
n Component values for Figures 2a, 2b and 4a; Table modified
(page 15)
n Section 1.5.11; ADC; Text modified
(page 24)
n Section; General Reset Command; Bit 4; Text modified
(page 29)
n Section; Line/Wakeup Event Register; 'C-BUS address modified
(page 30)
n Section; Line/Wakeup Event Register; Text modified
(page 31)
n Section; DAC Control Register; Bit 5; Tables modified
(page 31/32)
n Section; ADC Control Register; Text modified
(page 32)
n Section; Programming Register; References to diagrams modified
(page 46)
n Section 1.6.1; Application Notes; Controlling the phone line; Text modified
(page 48)
n Sub-Section Removal; 'Adding Battery or Energy Storage for CLI Purposes; Section Removed;
following sub-section's renumbered
n Section; Operating Characteristics; Specifications and notes modified and amended
(page 53-57)
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and CML reserves the right at any time without notice to change the said circuitry.
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QAF297 - 2