CPI VVM347904

VVM 347904 TWT Amplifier
· Frequency: Multi-Octave bands from E
through J depending on the TWT used.
( Typical E/F, G/H, H/I/J)
· RF Output Power: 250 Watts CW (Typical depends on TWT chosen)
· Input Power: 115 VAC, 3 Phase, 400 Hz (1 kW)
· Control: Remote on/off and fault sensing with
· Cooling: Forced air from integral fans.
A multi-band TWT Amplifier for use in airborne
pods. Fully temperature and vibration qualified for
pod use. This transmitter has established an
excellent performance record of providing high
levels of readiness for training missions.
· Size: Designed for 10 inch diameter O.D. pod
· Weight: 25 kg maximum
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