Power Couplers
ƒ Frequency:
805 MHz
ƒ Peak Power:
1000 kW
ƒ Average Power:
60 kW
ƒ Cooling:
Water or Air
The VWP1133 Fundamental Power Coupler was designed for the Spallation Neutron Source
(SNS) Superconducting Accelerator. The Spallation Neutron Source makes use of
superconducting RF cavities resonating at 805 MHz to accelerate H- ions to up to 1300 MeV.
The VWP133 power coupler is a coaxial coupler with a single ceramic window providing the
vacuum interface. The vacuum side of the ceramic is coated with TiN to suppress multipactor.
The VWP1133 was designed by AMAC International in collaboration with CPI. The VWP1133
was successfully qualified at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility in 2002.
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