Flex Series
10 Zone Expandable Conventional
Fire Alarm Control Panel
The Flex 410 is a ten zone fire alarm control panel (FACP)
expandable to twenty or thirty zones using optional CZM400 zone expander module(s). The Flex 410 is ideal for a
wide range of different sized installations such as hotels,
schools, correctional institutions, health care facilities,
small office buildings, and manufacturing plants.
Initiating device circuits (IDCs) for the Flex 410 can be programmed as either ten Class B (Style B) or five Class A
(Style D) circuits. This is expandable to either twenty Class
B (ten Class A), or thirty Class B (fifteen Class A) IDC circuits. The panel is compatible with a variety of conventional two-wire smoke detectors, four-wire smoke
detectors, and notification appliances. This includes System Sensor i3™ Series microprocessor-based detectors
with advanced features like drift compensation, maintenance alert and freeze warning. (See Appendix A of the
Flex 410 Installation & Operations Manual PN 151321 for a
list of compatible devices.)
Outputs include four Class B (Style Y) or two Class A
(Style Z) supervised notification appliance circuits (NACs)
to annunciate alarm conditions. NAC circuits support single
circuit synchronization, regulated. Three programmable
auxiliary relay outputs can be programmed to activate (for
all zones or individual zones): pre-alarm, fire alarm, auxiliary alarm, alarm by zone and system or circuit troubles
(e.g., loss of AC, low battery, communication failure, phone
line trouble, fire drills, and NAC trouble).
The Flex 410 includes a built-in digital alarm communicator
(DACT) to report status to a central station. A user-friendly,
two-line LCD display and tactile keypad makes system programming and control easy. The Flex 410 cabinet can be
flush- or surface-mounted and a Plexiglas window/deadfront door kit is available where jurisdictions require. The
fully regulated, efficient 6-amp power supply with charger
ensures adequate power is available at all times.
• 10 Class B (Style B) or 5 Class A (Style D) initiating
device circuits (IDCs), expandable up to 30 Class B or
15 Class A IDCs with optional zone expander(s)
• Supervised zone expanders and I/O modules can be
mounted remotely in optional accessory cabinet
• All zones compatible with 2- and 4-wire detectors
• Built-in digital alarm communication transmitter (DACT)
with dual phone line monitors
• 4 Class B (Style Y) or 2 Class A (Style Z) supervised
notification appliance circuits (NACs)
• Selectable/programmable NAC output patterns:
- ADA compliant strobe synchronization
- ANSI audible signals as required by NFPA 72
- Single Stroke BI
- Constant output
- California code
- March code
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The Flex 410 fire alarm control panel is listed to UL®
Standard 864, 9th Edition.
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Features (continued)
• Built-in 2-line, 32-character LCD display with easy-toread English language readouts
• 3 programmable general purpose relays
• Built-in walk test
• Programmable from keypad, remote annunciator, or
using direct connect port for on-site downloading with
SmartProgram 400 software (Windows®-based)
• Programmable features to minimize false alarms: smoke
verification, pre-alarm delay, cross-zoning, and
enhanced verification
• Municipal box service and polarity reversal signaling
• Programmable date settings for Daylight Savings Time,
and clock source setting options for 50 Hz, 60 Hz or
internal clock
AC Power
120 VAC, 60Hz, 3 A
Max. charging circuit:
27.4 [email protected] 0.75A
Max. charger capacity: 33 Ah
(two 18Ah batteries fit inside FACP)
Each GWCZM-400 zone expander provides the control panel with ten additional
Class B (Style B) zones or five Class A
(Style D) zones. The GWCZM-400 connects to the control panel via the panel
SBUS and is supervised and power limited.
Up to two zone expanders can be used per
panel. Mounts in FACP or into a
GWCAB400-A accessory cabinet.
GWIOM-410 This status display module provides outputs and control functions for remote
annunciation of alarm, trouble, and supervisories for each zone. The system can
supervise up to eight GWIOM-410 status
display modules. Mounts in FACP or into a
GWCAB400-A accessory cabinet.
GWRAN-400 The GWRAN-400 remote annunciator can
perform all system control operations. It
also provides trouble and alarm information
and can be used for programming. The
FACP can support up to four GWRAN-400
remote annunciators. Mounts in dual gang
electrical box.
GWCAB400-A This accessory cabinet is used for mounting GWCZM-400 zone expander and/or
GWIOM-410 status display module.
GWPLEX-2GA This door option combines a dead-front
panel with a clear bicarbonate window to
limit access to the control panel. Used for
jurisdictions where single button operation
is required.
Operating Power 24 VDC operating voltage
Total DC Load
Initiating Device
Circuits (IDC)
(2-wire smoke): 17.5- 27.4 VDC
Alarm current draw (panel): 460 mA
Short circuit current: 95 mA maximum
Standby current draw (panel): 140 mA
Maximum impedance: 50 ohms
Circuits (NAC)
27.4 VDC, 1 A
27.4 VDC, 3 A max/output (6 A total)
Maximum line impedance: 1.5 ohm
2.5 A, 24 VDC (inductive), 5 A, 24 VDC
(resistive), non-power limited
32° F to 120° F (0° C to 49° C)
Flex 410 Cabinet 26 3/8" x 17 3/16" x 4" (67 x 44 x 10 cm)
(H x W x D)
10 3/8" x 10 3/16" x 3" (26 x 26 x 8 cm)
Ordering Information
Part Number
Flex 410 FACP, 10 zones, expandable
to 20 and 30 zones, 120 VAC
Flex 410 Installation & Operation
Zone expander module; adds 10 Class
B or 5 Class A circuits
Input / output relay, supervisory status
Remote annunciator for Flex 410
Accessory cabinet for mounting
GWCZM-400 or GWIOM-410
Dead-front door with Plexiglas window
SmartProgram 400 for remote
programming of the Flex 410 using a PC
(available only to authorized distributors
at ESD extranet)
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