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CY26 Crystal
Cylindrical Crystals in kHz Range
30 kHz – 150 kHz
Standard Specifications
± 30 PPM at 25°C
Calibration Frequency Tolerance
Operating Temperature Range (OTR)
-10 to +60° C
Frequency Stability over OTR
Calculate as: Frequency shift from 25°C to T°C in PPM = - 0.038 x (T - 25) 2 ± 10%
Load Capacitance
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
Drive Level
Aging at 25° C for the 1st year
Shunt Capacitance
Motional Capacitance
12.5 pF std, customer may specify others
50 k W maximum
1m W
± 5 PPM
1.7 pF maximum
1 to 4 fF
Part Numbering Guide
Portions of the part number that appear after the frequency may not be marked on part (C of C provided)
CY26 - xx - 70.0k - XXX (Internal Code or blank)
Frequency in kHz
Load Capacitance
Parallel Resonance in pF (12.5 pF standard)
SR = Series Resonance
Consult factory for available frequencies and specs.
Not all options available for all frequencies. A special part number may be assigned.
Mechanical: inches (mm)
not to scale
Due to part size and factory abilities, part marking may vary from lot to lot and may contain our part number or an internal code.
.394 (10.0)
.244 (6.2) MAX
.08 (2.1)
.028 (0.7)
DIA .01 (.26)
July 2002
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