For SC, SV and SO relays
Low thermal resistance
Easy to use
5TH21000 / 5TH23000
and 1LWP2300
For an efficient cooling of power components, it is usual to apply a thermally conducting
media, such as thermal grease, between the power element and the heatsink.
Thermal grease is considered problematic due to difficulties in applying it to the heatdissipating surface and also performances in the life of the product.
An alternative, celduc tested a range of products and compared their thermal resistance
characteristics (Rth c/h : Thermal Resistance between case to heatsink)
celduc recommends Aluminium materials thermal pads with very good thermal
performances and no modification in the long term. (See comparison tests on last page):
And now in the same technology, celduc introduce an adhesive thermal PAD.
Glue on both
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celduc thermal pads performances :
5THxxxx thermal PAD is a thermally conductive phase change material coated on
both sides of aluminium foil. At temperatures greater than 52°C, 5THxxxx changes
into a molten state and, under low closure force, wets the heat sink and component
surfaces to create a very thin, low thermal resistance interface. 5THxxxx has great
heat spreading characteristics and won’t flow from the interface. 5THxxxx has
superior thermal performance comparable to the highest performing grease and
phase change products available.
With the 5TH23000 adhesive thermal PAD, as glue is only on the
edges, there is no incidence in terms of thermal performances.
On the last page you can see comparison tests between different technologies
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How to use 5TH21000 ?
How to use 5TH23000 (adhesive model).
We can deliver in Roll of 2500 pieces
Glue on both
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We can deliver the SSR with the 5TH23000 thermal PAD already mounted.
For all SC, SV or SO range we can ask for the option “with thermal PAD
5TH23000 mounted on the SSR”: 1LWP23000
When you order your SSR, add the option 1LWP23000
The SSR will be delivered with the thermal PAD.
New okpac® range
Without thermal PAD
With 5TH23000 adhesive thermal PAD
On aluminium base of the SSR
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Grease or pad
Problems in the long term
Usual products
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0. 04K/W
celduc solution :
high initial and in
long term