Electronic Power Conditioner
for Millimeter Wave EIKs
CPI EPCs are designed
and tested to operate a wide
variety of CPI Extended
Interaction Klystrons and
Our EPC architecture
is designed to provide
optimum protection for the
EIK and worry free operation
for the user. EIK operating
parameters are programmed
into onboard memory then
password protected.
Integration by CPI
provides worry-free service
and support for long life and
reliable operation in this easy
to use package.
Beam Voltage
Anode Voltage
Collector Voltage
Heater voltage
Collector current
Body Current
Anode Current
Heater current
Total Power output
External Interlock
Prime Power
Remote EIK mounting
Fault Protection
-4.0 to –11.0 kV
+1.0 to +6.0 kV
Virtual ground / 70% of beam voltage
-5.0 to –7.0 V
0 to 150 mA
0 to 20 mA
-0.1 to +1.0 mA
0 to 3.0 amps
1.5 kW
Inhibits High Voltage
110/220 V, 50/60 Hz 1Ø
8.72x19x24.5 inches
(Handles 1.5 inches)
Attached by 3 meter HV lead.
Size 7.7x9.7x9.7 inches
Fully protected for operating
designated CPI EIKs
Forced air using integral blower.
CPI Canada 45 River Drive. Georgetown. Ontario. Canada. L7G2J4
Phone 1-905-877-0161. FAX: 1- 905- 873- 7416. OUR E-MAIL: [email protected]
EPC and mounting box shown with EIK
(EIK is not included with the EPC)