1 kbit Read/Write, ISO 18000-6C / EPC C-1 G-2
Passive / Battery-assisted Passive Contactless IC
Typical Applications
ISO 18000-6C compliant
EPC Class 1 Gen2 compliant
EPC Class 3 compliant (Battery-Assisted Passive gen2)
1024-bit non-volatile memory
720-bit user’s free memory
96-bit EPC numbers supported
64-bit manufacturer-programmed Unique Identifier (TID
/ UID)
Forward link data rates: 40 to 160 kbits/s
Return link data rates: 40 to 640 kbits/s
Battery assistance mode for unsurpassed reading
range and reading reliability
Rectifier that allows passive operation in case the
battery is flat or not present
Support of near-field mode enabling reading e.g.
through water
Support of parallel-inductance matching for improved
32-bit password-protected Kill command
32-bit password-protected Access command
Anti-tearing feature to prevent malicious unlocking
EPC-extended temperature range (–40°C to +85°C)
EM4324 is a long range battery-assisted passive UHF RFID
tag IC compliant with the ISO 18000-6C / EPCglobal Class1 Generation-2 protocol. The chip offers an advanced
feature set (EPC+) leading to a performance beyond that of
standard Gen2 chips. Battery-assisted, EM4324 offers
superior reading range and reliability compared to purely
passive RFID solutions. The battery- assisted mode is
tailored to harsh environment applications where other
passive UHF solutions fail e.g. in the presence of water or
Moreover, the EM4324 current consumption has been
optimized to maximize the battery lifetime. Even if the
battery is flat, the chip continues to operate and to
communicate with the reader in passive mode.
The non-volatile memory size is 1024 bits enabling the
support of an ISO or EPC data structure. Besides the ISO /
EPC coding structure each chip is delivered with a 64-bit
Unique Identifier to ensure full traceability.
Supply chain management
Tracking and tracing
Containers identification
Access control
Asset control
Typical Configuration
Ordering Information
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Package/Die Form
Delivery Form
Sawn wafer / bumped die – thickness of 7 mils
Wafer sawn on frame
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