ETC 72247

72247 Enclosure
For Duct Smoke Detectors
The 72247 enclosure provides
protection for Gamewell duct smoke
detectors in outdoor installations
against rain, sleet, and snow, or
indoors against dripping water. The
72247 enclosure is compatible with
the following analog addressable
models: XP95-PD, XP95-PDR, XP95ID, and XP95-IDR. The 72247 is
compatible with the following
conventional models: 30954, 30955,
70957-01, and 70958-01.
Engineer’s Specifications
Gamewell duct detector models XP95-PD, XP95-PDR, XP95-ID, XP95-IDR,
30954, 30955, 70957-01, and 70958-01 used outdoors or in wet locations
shall be installed in a 16-gauge steel enclosure with a drip shield top. The
enclosure shall be Gamewell part number 72247.
Mounting Diagram
Ordering Information
Duct detector enclosure (WP-1).
72247 Enclosure CS-2308 06/23/04
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16-gauge steel.
Eggshell white finish.
Drip shield top.
Slip-on removable cover.
Embossed mounting holes on back of
• Knockouts in bottom of enclosure.
• Compatibles:
Analog: XP95-PD, XP95-PDR, CP95-ID,
and XP95-IDR.
Conventional: 30954, 30955, 70957-01,
and 70958-01.
12.0" H x 12.0" W x 4.0" D (cm: 30.48 H
x 30.48 W x 10.16 D).
Listings and approvals below apply to the
72247 Gamewell Duct Smoke Detector
Enclosure. In some cases, certain modules
may not be listed by certain approval
agencies, or listing may be in process.
Consult factory for latest listing status.
• UL Listed:
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72247 Enclosure CS-2308 06/23/04