a u s t ri a m i c r o s y s t e m s
AS1976, AS1977
P ro du c t B ri e f
U l t r a - L o w C u r r e n t , 1 . 8 V C o m pa r a t o r s
1 General Description
2 Key Features
CMOS Push/Pull Output Sinks and Sources 8mA
CMOS Open-Drain Output Voltage Extends Beyond
VCC (AS1977)
The comparators are available as the standard products
listed in Table 1.
Ultra-Low Supply Current: 200nA
Table 1. Standard Products
Internal Hysteresis: 3mV
Guaranteed to Operate Down to +1.8V
Input Voltage Range Operates 200mV Beyond the
Crowbar Current-Free Switching
No Phase Reversal for Overdriven Inputs
5-pin SOT23 Package
The AS1976/AS1977 are very low-current comparators
that can operate beyond the rail voltages and are guaranteed to operate down to 1.8V
Low input bias current, current-limiting output circuitry,
and ultra-small packaging make these comparators
ideal for low-power 2-cell applications including powermanagement and power-monitoring systems.
Output Type
The AS1976 push/pull output can sink or source current.
The AS1977 open-drain output can be pulled beyond
VCC to a maximum of 3.6V > VEE. This open-drain
model is ideal for use as a logic-level translator or bipolar-to-unipolar converter.
Large internal output drivers provide rail-to-rail output
swings with loads up to 8mA. Both devices feature builtin battery power-management and power-monitoring circuitry.
The AS1976/AS1977 are available in a 5-pin SOT23
3 Applications
The devices are ideal for battery monitoring/management, mobile communication devices, laptops and
PDAs, ultra-low-power systems, threshold detectors/discriminators, telemetry and remote systems, medical
instruments, or any other space-limited application with
low power-consumption requirements.
Figure 1. Block Diagram
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AS1976, AS1977
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