• BQB qualified as Bluetooth® version 1.1 and 1.2
• BQB qualified module solutions available today
• Achieves -88 dBm receiver sensitivity under high interference
• Bluetooth radio designed in cooperation
Programmable PA provides up to +4 dBm output power,
satisfying requirements for Class 2 or 3 operation
Spurious and blocking performance supports simultaneous
operation with GPS, CDMA, WCDMA, and GSM/GPRS
worldwide radio frequency plans
Fully integrated RF front-end matching circuits eliminates
external baluns and T/R switch
All critical external passive components have been integrated
• Fully integrated voltage regulator supports operation from
1.8V to 4.6V operation
• Advanced packaging to support PCB or module-based
• Wafer scale chip size package
• Fine pitch ball grid array
specifically for use in QUALCOMM -based handsets
Only Bluetooth device available which is fully compliant with
QUALCOMM's most advanced CDMA coexistence tests
Optimized for integration and simultaneous operation in small
form factor handsets
• Enhanced spurious emissions and cellular blocking
• Advanced packaging options simplify integration
• Low active power consumption and single digit standby
Highest level of system integration eliminates all external
active and critical components providing the lowest total BOM
Fabricated in standard bulk CMOS
• Built-in self calibration and temperature compensation
eliminates effects of process and temperature variation
• Smallest total footprint minimizes board area and height
BCM2004 CDMA Handset Application
The BCM2004 Bluetooth transceiver is an integrated radio transceiver
that is optimized for use in QUALCOMM MSM-based wireless systems.
The transceiver is Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 compliant and is designed to
enable simultaneous operation with any of the radios options, including
amplifiers provide a limiting function so that the following stages always
get a constant signal level regardless of the RF input level. An RSSI
signal is also generated in these amplifiers for the system to determine
signal strength. The signal is then filtered further, demodulated, and
finally sent to a bit slicer to generate logic level data output.
The BCM2004 is a high-performance radio implemented in digital
CMOS. It incorporates fractional-N frequency generation technology to
synthesize all industry standard reference frequencies for mobile phone
applications. A proprietary self-calibrating VCO structure allows for
both excellent phase noise and fast frequency hopping covering the
entire band.
The GFSK transmit signal is first generated at baseband in a proprietary
modulator. It is then filtered and upconverted to RF using the quadrature
LO signals. Four output power levels are digitally programmable from
full power to low power in 4-dB steps.
The receiver front-end consists of a low-noise amplifier and an image
reject mixer. Balanced mixer structures fed by accurate quadrature LO
signals allow an excellent noise figure and strong image rejection.
A low IF frequency allows for high performance amplifier and filter
designs in CMOS. The bandpass filter structure features self-calibration
circuitry that automatically adjusts circuit elements to compensate for
any process variation. This eliminates tuning and ensures that process
and temperature variation are uniform across the devices. The IF
The BCM2004 has a fully integrated T/R switch and associated
matching circuits. This eliminates the need for any external inductors or
active components.
The BCM2004 is controlled via a QUALCOMM proprietary baseband
interface. This interface provides control for the various sections of the
chip, defines data transfers, and allows access to the various internal
registers of the device.
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