• Single-chip direct conversion silicon tuner completes system
• Extreme integration level leads to highly cost-effective BOM
• Eliminates significant external components:
design with Broadcom cable modem
• DOCSIS®/EuroDOCSIS™ 1.0/1.1/2.0
• Supports 64, 256, and 1024 QAM
• Input frequency range of 50 MHz through 860 MHz
IF (intermediate frequency) output range of 4 MHz, 4.5 MHz,
and 5 MHz
• For use in 6-MHz, 7-MHz, and 8-MHz systems
• High linearity across entire frequency range
• Differential signals for high noise immunity
• Integrated and cost-effective BOM:
• True single-chip tuner
• Single 3.3V supply voltage
• Fully integrated oscillator
• Fully integrated channel selectivity
• Symmetrical IF output for direct connection to channel decoder
Signal Indicator) information
• RSSI (Received Strength
provided through I2C bus
• Standby mode
• 40-pin MLF package
• SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) IF filters
• RSSI measurement components
• IF amplifiers
• Oscillator components
• Package optimization enables low-cost 2-layer system PCB
• Minimal in-house RF expertise required
• Support for DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 enables one device
solution to be used worldwide
• Superior alternative to can tuners
• High quality and reliability (no hand tweaking)
• Enables lower profile and smaller designs
• Proven reference design for quick time-to-market
• Simplified manufacturing flow
• Single supply voltage provides low-cost operation
• Low-power consumption
• Cable Modems
• Cable Gateways
• Voice Cable Modems
Tuner Application Example (Cable Modem)
BCM3419 Block Diagram
The BCM3419 is a highly integrated, advanced direct conversion,
single-chip silicon tuner. It integrates the global tuning function,
including selectivity, and supports 64-QAM, 256-QAM, and 1024-QAM
digital cable modem applications. The input signal is first driven to the
LNA with wideband AGC and then filtered and fed to the image
rejection mixer. The LO signal feeds the second input of the mixer which
downconverts the RF signal to a low 4-MHz IF frequency. The IF signal
is then filtered (channel selectivity) and shaped to be connected to the
channel decoder inputs. There is no need for an external SAW filter.
Additionally, the VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) is fully integrated
with no external tank component.
alternative to traditional can tuners. Its low-power operation is suited
well for applications that require battery backup and capability such as
VoIP cable modems.
The BCM3419 supports an IF output frequency range of 4 MHz, 4.5
MHz, and 5 MHz, enabling one device to support both DOCSIS and
EuroDOCSIS standards.
Extreme care was taken to develop proven reference designs that both
reduce cost and provide a platform that increases the speed of product
development. Minimal in-house RF expertise is required to quickly
develop and produce low-cost cable modems.
The BCM3419 is specifically designed for use with Broadcom’s
industry-leading single-chip cable modem devices. With a low BOM
cost and a proven reference design, the BCM3419 provides a better
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