48-Port GbE + Optional 2-Port GbE Highly Integrated Multilayer
Switch SOC
• Highest silicon integration level achieved for a 48-port,
10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet switch device
• Single chip switch (SoC) optimized for the value driven small
and medium-size business (SMB) market
• Optional two 1 GbE Uplink ports (53718S)
• Bill of Material (BOM) optimized with integrated CPU
• Tenth-generation switch-on-a-chip (SoC)
• Wirespeed performance
• Integrated MACs (IEEE 802™. x compliant) with support for
• Eight flexible Class of Service (CoS) queues per port assure
9216-byte jumbo frames
• Integrated SGMII/SerDes interfaces
• Non-blocking Gigabit Ethernet fully integrated switch fabric
with 4-Mbit packet buffer memory
• Integrated high-performance MIPS ® processor for Web
Smart™ applications
• Packet classification using four IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service
(QoS) or DiffServ/TOS priority queues
the lowest latency to high-priority traffic. This supports a
wide variety of delay-sensitive video and audio multicast
• IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation increases effective bandwidth
and provides link redundancy.
• Storm and bandwidth/rate control provide improved traffic
profile management.
• Internet Protocol Version (IPv6) support provides future
• Supports 4K IEEE 802.1Q VLAN
• Supports essential features for access applications
• Supports up to 8K unicast MAC addresses
• Includes Broadcom's WebSuperSmart™ software, an
• Supports MAC-based port aggregation (trunking)
• Supports Access Control List (ACL) host table
• Full- (IEEE 802.3x) and half-duplex flow control
• Supports automatic address learning and aging
• Supports Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree
• Supports IEEE 802.1x MAC security
• Port-based rate control with 1 Mbps granularity
• Low-power 0.13 μm CMOS core
• Power dissipation 8.1W
• 1292-Pin Flip-Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) Package
advanced Web-based network management solution
• Includes advanced security and ease-of-use features such as
Auto-DoS, Auto-VoIP, and Auto-ACL
Optional 2 x 1G
Uplink (53718S)
1000 MAC
L2 Switching Engine
DoS Engine
Integrated MIPS Processor
ContentAwareTM Filter
Packet Buffer NMU
48 x 10/100/1000 MACs
...48 GbE SerDes Cores
48-Port Gigabit Ethernet Multilayer Switch
The BCM53718 series is a complete L2 SoC solution for easy and rapid
development of Gigabit switching applications. The BCM53718 series
uses a WebSuperSmart graphical user interface (GUI) for system
configuration of supported features. The BCM53718 integrates 48
configurable 1-Gbps ports or 10-Mbps/100-Mbps Ethernet ports, with
the BCM53718S adding support for two Gigabit uplink ports.
The BCM53718 series is a highly integrated solution ideally suited for
stand-alone Gigabit Ethernet switches. It combines all the functions of a
high-speed switch system, including packet buffers, SerDes, media
access controllers, address management, a non-blocking switch fabric,
and integrated high-performance CPU into a single 0.13 µm CMOS
device. The BCM53718 series supports auto-DoS attack prevention and
SNMP, IEEE 802.1x, Spanning Tree, and Rapid Spanning Tree
The BCM53718 switch:
• Integrates internal memory in the Common Buffer Pool (CBP) for
packet buffering.
• Provides 48-full-duplex GbE ports that interface to external physical
layer devices via the SerDes or SGMII interface. The GbE ports
support both copper and fiber media.
• Provides additional 2 x 1 GbE uplink ports for BCM53718S.
• Supports a Broadcom serial control (BSC) controller for
communicating with external devices such as serial EEPROM, flash
PROM memories, and parallel port devices.
• Supports a serial interface for the MII management of physical layer
• Supports an integrated MIPS processor for management functions
with a DDR memory controller, a CMIC for switch access, parallel
flash interface for booting, two serial UART interfaces, and eight
GPIO pins.
• Contains memory required to host L2 switching tables.
• Supports VLAN double tagging via Gigabit ports.
• Supports advanced QoS shaping for service provider networks.
• Integrates sophisticated metering, statistics, and traffic management
features, optimizing the QoS for voice, video, and data convergence.
Ordering information:
• BCM53718 (48 GbE + integrated CPU)
• BCM53718S (48 GbE + 2 GbE Uplinks + integrated CPU)
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