Set-top Box Solutions
Dual Digital Broadcast MPEG-2 Standard
Definition TV Decoder with PVR Support
Conexant’s portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor solutions
for broadband communications and the digital home. Conexant’s dual
MPEG-2 Standard Definition Television (SDTV) decoder IC features all the
major subsystems required to implement the core system and decoder
electronics of dual-TV digital set-top box (STB) for satellite, cable, or terrestrial
TV networks.
The CX2416x family offers dual MPEG-2 [email protected] video decoders, 32-bit RISC
CPU, 2D graphics accelerator, dual video graphics display controllers, dual TV
encoders, and a set of peripheral I/O ports for STB front and back panel
connectors. The multi-format audio decoder supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and
Dolby® Digital (AC-3). Certain members of the device family also feature an
integrated NTSC channel 3/4 RF modulator and BTSC stereo encoder for
distribution of composite video and full MTS stereo sound to a remote room
in the house.
Personal video recorder (PVR) functionality is supported by three dual-stream
Distinguishing Features
transport processors (up to 8 baseband transport stream (TS) interfaces),
fully integrated parallel- and serial-advanced technology attachment (ATA)
• Dual MPEG-2/DVB/DIRECTV ® compliant
SDTV decoder for worldwide markets
interfaces for hard disk drive (HDD) connectivity, and 3DES/AES ciphering
• XTV™ PVR with serial ATA interface
engines for encryption of data to the HDD. This functionality enables
consumers to simultaneously watch and record separate programs, or record
a program while watching one previously recorded. NDS XTV™ and RASP™ PVR
technologies are integrated in the IC.
The CX2416x also features an impressive array of I/O features, including
dual USB2.0 host controllers, PCI bus interface, and HomePlug® connectivity
• High-performance 32-bit ARM920 CPU with Linux and Windows® CE-compatible MMU
• Integrated NTSC channel 3/4 RF modulator
and BTSC stereo encoder
• Advanced security features, including secure boot software authentication, IC personalization via OTP memory, and 3DES/AES ciphering engines
via a high-speed UART.
• Dual multiplane video/graphics compositing and display engine
For a complete four tuner, dual TV PVR system design, the only additional
• Three dual-stream transport processors with DVB, DES, AES, and Multi-II descrambling
components required are tuners, demodulators, modem codec, audio DACs,
DDR SDRAM, and flash memory ICs. This high level of integration enables a
low-cost system bill of materials and allows the flexibility of supporting
different modulation and compression technologies with a low-cost, highperformance STB back end solution. Combining the CX2416x with the
Conexant CX24128 dual stream satellite tuner and CX24130 dual QPSK
• Two integrated TV encoders with seven
analog video DAC outputs
• High-performance 16/32-bit DDR-SDRAM memory controller
• Supports four simultaneous tuner inputs for dual-
tuner PVR on two separate TVs
demodulator provides a cost-effective satellite STB system solution for highperformance, multi-tuner, dual-TV PVR services.
Part Number CX2416x
Dual Digital Broadcast MPEG-2
Standard Definition TV Decoder
with PVR Support
Set-top Box Solutions
CX2416x Product Features
• High-performance 32-bit ARM920 CPU with Linux/WinCE compatible MMU
•Integrated NTSC channel 3/4 RF modulator and
BTSC stereo encoder
• High-performance 16/32-bit DDR-SDRAM
memory controller
• NDS XTV and RASP PVR support
•3DES and 128 bit AES ciphering for up to three transport streams simultaneously
• Dual MPEG-2 [email protected] video decoders
•Multi-format audio decoders supporting MPEG-1,
MPEG-2, and Dolby Digital (AC-3)
•Parallel- and serial-ATA interfaces for HDD attach
•Three multi-standard dual-stream transport processors with DVB, DES, AES, and Multi-II descrambling
•Dual USB2.0 host controllers
•32-bit, 33 MHz PCI controller
• MPEG picture and still-plane upscaling and downscaling
•Advanced security features, including secure boot software
authentication and IC personalization via OTP memory
•Dual multiplane video/graphics image compositing with
color key or 256-level alpha blending
•NDS VideoGuard® conditional access hardware support
• Advanced 2D graphics rendering engine for alphablt,
bitblt, textblt, line draw, and color expansion acceleration
•High-speed UART with HomePlug support
• Video-picture-in-graphics with flexible picture size and
aspect ratio
•Flicker filtering, aspect ratio conversion, and
hardware cursor
•Integrated DIRECTV® security
•Three Smart Card ports
•CCIR656 digital video input and output ports
•I2S input and output ports
•OpenCable CableCard™ interface
• 4/8/16-bit ARGB/A YCrCb graphics
•DVB-CI support
•Dual NTSC/PAL/SECAM TV encoders with seven 10-bit
video DACs
• Two UHF remote inputs
•Infrared (IR) input/output
•Macrovision® 7.X copy protection
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Set-top Box Solutions
The ARM920 CPU in the CX2416x provides up to 250 Dhrystone
Advanced Security Features
2.1 MIPS and enables broadcasters to adopt complex, feature-
The CX2416x incorporates advanced security technologies that
rich middleware platforms, such as OpenTV ®, multimedia home
greatly enhances the ability of broadcasters to protect their service
platform (MHP), and MediaHighway™. The advanced CPU platform
against piracy. Using an advanced on-chip one-time-programmable
allows STB manufacturers to offer improvements such as faster
(OTP) memory technology, Conexant offers broadcasters the ability
interactive applications loading, electronic program guide (EPG)
to personalize individual STBs via the system IC with unique serial
scrolling performance, and scalability to Linux -based software
numbers and encryption keys. This allows broadcasters to secure
platforms via memory management unit (MMU) hardware
transactions between the STB Smart Cards and the MPEG-2
support. A telco return channel can be supported via data access
decoders. The CX2416x also includes embedded cryptographic
arrangement (DAA) interface to a V.22-V.92 hardware or software
technology to allow secure authentication of the STB system
modem, or via PCI interface to a digital subscriber line (DSL),
software that is loaded into flash memory.
Ethernet, or wireless broadband modem.
Full-Featured Development Platform
IR Detect
Stereo DAC
L/R Phono
Ch. 3/4 RF Out
(MTS Stereo)
Si-DAA [V.92]
Hard Disk
CX2416x System Diagram
Stereo DAC
L/R Phono
USB 2 Phy.
USB 2 Phy.
The CX2416x IC family is integrated into a fully engineered
network processors, broadcast video encoders and decoders,
interactive TV STB reference development system that implements
digital STB components and systems solutions, and dial-up
third-party interactive middleware/real-time operating system (RTOS)
modems. In addition to its IEEE 802.11a/b/g-compliant wireless
software and provides a complete set of STB low-level drivers
local area network (WLAN) chipsets, software, and reference
based on the Nucleus+, VxWorks and Linux operating systems.
designs, Conexant offers a suite of networking components
A mature and robust hardware abstraction layer is assured by
that includes solutions for applications based on HomePlug
reuse of core driver libraries developed over three generations of
and HomePNA™. Additional products include a complete line
production MPEG ICs. The STB development platform hardware
of asymmetric and symmetric DSL central office solutions,
is designed with a flexible architecture that supports multiple front-
which are used by service providers worldwide to deliver
end tuner/demodulator NIMS.
broadband data, voice, and video over copper telephone lines.
Common Platform for Satellite, Cable, and Terrestrial
STB manufacturers increasingly look to leverage a common
hardware platform that can be reused over various broadband
networks, including satellite, cable, terrestrial, DSL, and Ethernet
Internet protocol (IP) networks. Conexant’s CX2416x IC can serve
as a common back-end platform that easily interfaces to a variety
CX2416x Part Number Guide
The CX2416x IC family includes four base part numbers defined
of broadband front-ends, including QPSK, QAM, OFDM, VSB,
ADSL/VDSL, 802.3, 802.11a/b/g, or IEEE 1394 through either TS
by the functionality differences shown in Table 1.
or PCI interface. This provides a flexible STB solution that can
be targeted to a variety of broadband operators while minimizing
Table 1 - CX2416x Base Part Numbers
hardware/software development costs.
Part Number
The CX2416x is also fully compatible with the CX2418x
PVR Support
BTSC Encoder
co-processor to provide bandwidth-efficient MPEG-4 AVC/
H.264-compliant advanced-compression bitstream decoding.
The company’s broad portfolio of semiconductor products also
includes client-side DSL and cable modem solutions, home
The CX2416x includes optional license-based features optional as designated by the dash numbers in Table 2.
Table 2 - CX2416x Dash Number Options
Dash Number:
Dolby Digital
m = optional feature combinations (0 thru 3)
n = die revision (e.g. n=1 for die rev A, 2 for die rev B etc.)