Broadband Access – Central Office
DSL Solutions
Conexant’s portfolio includes a comprehensive suite of semiconductor
solutions for broadband communications and the digital home.
Conexant’s CX95516/CX95524 chipset is the most advanced ADSL/
ADSL2/ADSL2plus CO transceiver solution, meeting the new operator
requirements for better triple play services, while lowering overall
system cost for OEMs. It offers next generation triple play features,
such as enhanced Impulse Noise Protection (INP) and dual interleaving
for simultaneous video, voice, and data services with appropriate
protection for each service. In addition to these advanced features,
the CX95516/CX95524 chipsets enable lower system cost with the
highest level of system integration and superior performance, making
it industry’s most competitive solution. The design capitalizes on
Conexant’s many years of successful real world DSL field experience,
comprehensive understanding of standards-based xDSL technology,
and OEM/Operator feedback.
Distinguishing Features
• Highest density ADSL2Plus solution
Advanced features of CX95516/CX95524 enable better service levels
• Extended interleaving memory for
maximum INP to support the new
amendments to ADSL2+ standard
for triple play services, including Internet Protocol-based Television (IPTV),
• Dual interleaving for triple play features
high-speed Internet access, Video On Demand (VOD), High Definition
• Enhanced Dynamic Rate Repartitioning
Television (HDTV), Voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, remote office
connectivity, and telecommuting.
• Mask on Demand (MoD) support for
superior rate/reach performance
Coupled with Conexant’s Columbia family of IP Digital Subscriber
• Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM)
support for better cross-talk performance
Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) line card network processors,
CX95516/CX95524 enables the most feature rich IPTV line card solution
for next generation exchange (CO), remote unit (DLC/ONU), or multiple
dwelling/tenant unit (MxU) applications.
• IP DSLAM ready, with built-in AAL5
bridging support and packet interfaces
• On-chip segmentation and reassembly
for ATM cell and IP packet convergence
• Packet over DSL (PTM) Mode support
• On-chip bonding for both packet and
cell based applications
Part Number CX95516/CX95524
Broadband Access – Central Office
DSL Solutions
The CX95516 and CX95524 chipsets support 16 and 24
a 144-pin Low-profile, Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array (LFBGA). The
channels of ADSL2/ADSL2/ADSL2plus, respectively. The
CX95524 chipset includes a DSP in a 24-port configuration
CX99516 chipset includes a 16-port DSP and two Analog
and three AFEs. The 24-port Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is
Front-End (AFE) chips. The DSP is packaged in a 472-pin
packaged in a 668-pin PBGA
Plastic Ball Grid Array (PBGA), and the AFE is packaged in
Utopia 2/POX Phy2
(8 port AFE)
(16 or 24 port DSP
PCM Highway
AFE Interface
Local Bus
Host Interface
CX95516 Block Diagram
Remote access servers, including Digital Loop
Carriers (DLC) and MxU business and residential
data access services, including high-speed
Internet access
Triple play applications with video, voice, and data
Ethernet over First Mile (EFM) applications
Conexant Product Portfolio
The company’s broad portfolio of semiconductor products also includes client-side DSL and cable modem solutions, home network processors,
broadcast video encoders and decoders, digital set-top box components and systems solutions, and dial-up modems. In addition to its IEEE 802.11a/b/gcompliant WLAN chipsets, software, and reference designs, Conexant offers a suite of networking components that includes solutions for applications
based on HomePlug® and HomePNA™. Additional products include a complete line of asymmetric and symmetric DSL central office solutions, which
are used by service providers worldwide to deliver broadband data, voice, and video over copper telephone lines.
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