PTM 230
Radio transmitter module
The radio transmitter module PTM 230 from
EnOcean enables the implementation of battery-less radio switches for applications in
e.g. building technology or industrial automation. Power is provided by an external
electro-dynamic power generator such as
ECO 100 or a short energy pulse.
Functional Principle
When a short energy pulse is supplied to the
PTM 230 module an RF telegram is transmitted
including a 32-bit module ID and the polarity of
the supply voltage. In addition the information of
2 inputs is transmitted. With these 2 inputs one
rocker of a PTM 200 can be simulated.
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Features overview
Energy input
EnOcean energy converter ECO 50 or ECO 100 or equivalent energy pulse
EPulse > 0.45mWs, 2.5V ≤ Umax,Pulse ≤ 5.5V, 0,001ms ≤ TPulse ≤ 11ms
no antenna installed, λ/4-whip antenna mountable
Frequency / Transmission power
868.3 MHz / max. 10 mW EIRP
Data rate / Channel bandwidth / Modulation type
125 kbps / 280 kHz / ASK
Number of digital inputs
Telegram type
RPS Typ 2, 32 bit ID, 3 telegrams within 25 ms
Minimum time between activations
Transmission range
45 ms
300m free field, range strongly dependent on surrounding material
and position relative to energy harvester or other metal surfaces
PCB Dimensions
approx. 20 x 25 x 6 mm
Operating temperature
- 25 up to + 65 °C
Storage temperature
- 40 up to + 85 °C
0-93% r.h. non-condensing, IP 00
(required pulse width depends on voltage, pulse shape and source impedance)
PTM230 is CE certified and conforms to the R&TTE EU directive on radio equipment.
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