General Description
The ADT1210NA provides the interface between logic and IR signals
for through-air, serial and half-duplex IR wireless data links.
It is designed to satisfy the IrDA physical layer specifications.
The ADT1210NA contains adjustable optical power management
circuit and a receiver, that provides the single Rx output supporting
from 9.6kb/s to 115.2kb/s IrDA signal.
The ADT1210NA has internal Pulse shape circuits that provide
constant rx output pulse width in spite of rx input pulse width variation.
The ADT1210NA provides the flexibility of Low power SIR applications and
Remote Control application with no external components.
It is robust against artificial lights.And it can be interface to input/output logic as low as 1.5V
• No passive component in the IrDA module with input coupling capacitor built-in.
• Compliant to IrDA1.4 low power specification from 9.6kb/s to 115.2kb/s.
• Supported by various super I/O and controller devices
• Echo Cancelling Function
• Constant Rx output Pulse width
• LED stuck-high protection
• Low power consumption
- Low shutdown current
- Complete shutdown TX,RX, and PIN diode
- Low idle current
• Support Remote Control Functions
• Interface to input/output logic circuits as low as 1.5V
• High Noise Immunity against Power Ripple Noise
• Mobile telecom
- Cellular phones
- Pagers
- Smart phones
• Digital imaging
- Digital cameras
- Photo-imaging printers
• Data communication
- PDAs
- Portable Printers
• Universal Remote Control Transmission
* This specifications are subject to be changed without notice