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EVAL Kit GUI Software and TI Firmware Readme
What this Application Note Covers
In order to design EnerChipTM Energy Harvesting and Power Backup applications, Cymbet has created several
evaluation kits. These eval kits utilize PC-based graphical user interface software and microcontroller firmware
to demonstrate various EnerChip capabilities. There are three software/firmware distributions available as of
this document revision:
• Cymbet Energy Harvesting EVAL Kit Graphical User Interface and TI eZ430-RF2500 kit firmware
• TI LaunchPad MSP430 demonstration kit Data Logger application firmware
• Cymbet EVAL-06 EnerChip Real Time Clock Backup PC-based Graphical User Interface
The latest version of these software/firmware distributions are available on on the Products/
Resources and Documents page: Download
the .zip file into a folder on your PC local disk (e.g. /C:) and extract the files into this folder. Once
extracted, the folder and files can be moved to another folder on the PC or network.
The Energy Harvesting EVAL Kit GUI and eZ430-RF2500 software and the EVAL-06 GUI software are also in
folders on the Cymbet evaluation kit CD-ROM. Always check for the latest versions on
Cymbet Energy Harvesting EVAL Kit GUI
The Cymbet EnerChipTM Energy Harvesting Evaluation kits - EVAL-08, EVAL-09, EVAL-10 and EVAL-11 are all
designed to support connectivity and power to the Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500 MSP430 wireless
development kit. This TI kit can be purchased separately from any of Cymbet’s distributors. One TI kit is
required for each Cymbet EVAL kit to be used. For example, if a three node Energy Harvesting based wireless
network is to be created, you must have three eZ430-RF2500 kits to go along with three Cymbet EH Eval kits.
The link for more information on the TI kit can be found at: Please read the information on the TI site before proceeding with this
firmware download procedure.
TI Access Point and End Device Firmware upgrades
In order to use the eZ430-RF2500 kit with the Cymbet Energy Harvesting kits, new firmware must be
downloaded into the eZ430-RF5200 Access point and wireless endpoint device. Cymbet has created hex files
which are contained in a folder on the Cymbet EVAL Kit CD-ROM disk. You will need to access this disk directly
from your PC. The folder containing these files is “GUI and TI eZ430 code. Inside this folder, open “TI Access
Point End Device” and then open “Access Point - End Device HEX file”. The file “SimpliciTI Access Point.d43
is the HEX code file for the TI Wireless Access Point and “SimpliciTI End Device d.43” is for the wireless end
device that connects to the Cymbet Eval Kit 6 pin right angle connector on the board edge.
In order to download these files into the TI devices, you must first download the programming tool from
Elprotronic at When you reach this home page, you will see: Flash Programmers for
Texas Instruments’ devices. The programming tool is the FET-Pro430 Lite version that uses TI’s FET adapters
and is free. Go to Locate the Table entry for the FET-Pro430 Lite
Software and download the Zip file to your PC. Open the Zip and following the programming instructions. Open
Lite FET-Pro4, on top tool bar select Setup, then Connection/Device Reset. On pop-up select Spy Bi Wire, and
for COM Port select USB, then click OK. On main page, select Group=430F2xx and MSP430F2274. Read the
User’s Manual under About/Help for specific tool instructions. Once the firmware is downloaded into the USBbased TI devices, they are ready to be used with the Cymbet EH Eval Kits.
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AN-1040: Cymbet EH Eval Kit CDROM Firmware Readme
Modifying the Access Point and
End Device Firmware
The Access Point and End Device firmware
is presented as unlicensed open source
code and is not supported or warranted
by either Cymbet or Texas Instruments.
Many developers find this open source
code useful for experimentation and
educational purposes. The actual C code
is stored on the EVAL Kit CD-ROM in:
GUI and TI ez430 code\TI Access Point
End Device\SimpliciTI-1.0.6\Projects\
Examples\Peer applications\eZ430RF\
AP as data hub\Release. In order to
alter this code, a compiler is needed.
TI recommends the IAR Embedded
Workbench® for TI MSP430 which can
be found at
website1/ Please contact
IAR Systems for additional information.
Cymbet EH EVAL Kit GUI with Access point in Red and 4 end device nodes
Preparing the PC for the USB Drivers and GUI
The Eval kit CD-ROM folder for the GUI and TI eZ430 code is GUI and TI ez430 code with two subfolders Cymbet
GUI and TI Access Point End Device. Prior to installing the Cymbet GUI, install the TI Sensor Monitor Visualizer
GUI that comes with the TI kit CD. This must be done in order to install the USB driver needed by the Cymbet
GUI to communicate with the TI access point. The TI GUI may be removed after the Cymbet GUI is installed.
Install the Cymbet GUI by opening the Cymbet GUI folder, then opening the Release folder. Click on the setup
file in this folder and follow the instructions for installing the GUI on your Windows PC with XP or Windows 7. No
Mac version is supplied. If you are using Windows 7, make sure you download the correct Elprotronic eZ430
download code, then follow the instructions in the Readme document.
Cymbet PC-based Graphical User Interface for EH EVAL Kits
The CD-ROM contains PC software for a wireless network graphical user interface. This GUI software
communicates with the TI USB-based Access point that is wirelessly connected to the TI wireless endpoints
attached to Cymbet Eval kits. The software installation is accomplished by going to the GUI and TI ez430
code folder and opening the Release folder. Click on the setup file and follow the installation instructions.
Before opening the GUI, it is usually best to insert the TI USB-based access point into the PC and wait for the
PC to recognize and register this USB device. Then open the GUI software. A flashing red ball should appear
representing the wireless access point. Figure 3 shows an illustration of the GUI. After the Access Point is
initialized, plug the TI wireless end device into the Cymbet Eval Kit right angle 6-pin connector. Depending
on the type of EVAL kit and type of Energy Harvesting transducer, a colored ball will appear for the End Point.
EVAL-08, EVAL-10, and EVAL-11 will come up in a yellow color when harvesting energy. If the transducer (solar
or RF) is not active, the ball will be a dark blue representing the Eval Kit is being powered by the EnerChip solid
state batteries.
In the case of the EVAL-09, the color of the end device ball is dictated by the transducer. Yellow is Solar; purple is
Thermoelectric; light blue is Electromagnetic; and green is Piezoelectric. Should any transducer be inactive, the
ball will show dark blue as the EnerChips are being powered by the wireless node. The values in the balls indicate
the following conditions of the wireless end device: Temperature; number id of the wireless node; the power
supplied by the energy harvesting transducer in microwatts (EVAL-09 only); the energy harvesting state of the EH
EVAL board (EVAL-09 only); the wireless node reporting interval in seconds; and the EnerChip state of charge on
the EVAL kit. EnerChip ball values are: temperature; node id; transmission count down (starts at 400); reporting
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Doc AN-72-1040 Rev D
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AN-1040: Cymbet EH Eval Kit CDROM Firmware Readme
interval; and EnerChip charge voltage.
TI LaunchPad MSP430 Data Logger Firmware
The Cymbet EVAL-09, EVAL-10 and EVAL-11 can be used to power the Texas Instruments LaunchPad demo kit.
An open-source, unsupported Data Logger application has been posted on to provide a basis for
experimentation. This code can be found in the TI LaunchPad Data Logger Application folder on
A video demonstrating the data logger application is on the Cymbet YouTube channel:
EVAL-06 EnerChip Real-Time Clock Backup Evaluation Kit PC GUI
In order to interface and program the EVAL-06 EnerChip RTC USB stick, Cymbet has provided a Windows XP/
Windows 7 Graphical User Interface. The details of this GUI can be found in the EVAL-06 Datasheet DS-72-22
that is located at The folder containing the EVAL06 GUI is on
A video demonstrating the EVAL-06 is on the Cymbet YouTube channel:
Additional Application Support Information
Should you need additional technical support designing EnerChip Solid State Batteries or the EnerChip Energy
Processor into your next design, please contact Cymbet at the number below or via our Application Support
form found at or call us at the number below.
Ordering Information
EnerChip Part Number
EnerChip Real Time Clock Power
Backup Eval Kit
USB Stick with EnerChip CBC3112
and Micro Crystal 2132 RTC
EnerChip EH Solar Energy
Harvesting Eval Kit
Contains Solar Cell and
CBC5300 Module
EnerChip EP Universal Energy
Harvesting Eval Kit
Contains Solar Cell and
CBC51100 Module
EnerChip CC Solar Energy
Harvesting Eval Kit
Contains Solar Cell and
CBC51100 Module
EnerChip CC RF Induction Charging
Eval Kit
Contains RF Charging pad and
EnerChip CC Charger
Disclaimer of Warranties; As Is
The information provided in this data sheet is provided “As Is” and Cymbet Corporation disclaims all representations or warranties of any
kind, express or implied, relating to this data sheet and the Cymbet battery product described herein, including without limitation, the
implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, title, or any warranties arising out of course of
dealing, course of performance, or usage of trade. Cymbet battery products are not approved for use in life critical applications. Users shall
confirm suitability of the Cymbet battery product in any products or applications in which the Cymbet battery product is adopted for use and
are solely responsible for all legal, regulatory, and safety-related requirements concerning their products and applications and any use of
the Cymbet battery product described herein in any such product or applications.
Cymbet, the Cymbet Logo and EnerChip are trademarks of Cymbet Corporation. All Rights Reserved
EnerChip products and technology are covered by one or more patents or patents pending.
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Doc AN-72-1040 Rev D
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