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Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 Cymbet EH Demos
The Cymbet EnerChipTM Energy Harvesting Evaluation kits - EVAL-09, EVAL-10, and EVAL-11 are all designed
to support connectivity and power to the Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 RD wireless Reference Design development
kit. The combination of Cymbet and Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 kits enables designers to experiment with the
• Simple, low cost battery-free analog data collection and a development platform for battery-free wireless
sensing projects using any mode of Energy Harvesting including light, motion/vibration, heat, RF, etc.
• Use solar indoor or outdoor energy to power node boards to communicate with a USB dongle which
uploads the data to a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for demonstration purposes.
• This Energy Harvesting kit combination replaces primary batteries with a perpetual self-recharging power
source for 15-20+ year applications.
Cymbet EVAL-10 and SiLabs RF-to-USB2 RD Demonstration Equipment
• Cymbet CBC-EVAL-10 EnerChip CC Solar Energy Harvesting evaluation kit . CBC-EVAL-10 Data Sheet and
purchasing information can be found here:
• Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 RD kit with USB dongle and wireless node board. In order to use the SiLabs
wireless node board with Energy Harvesting, it must be programmed with Cymbet-specific firmware. If
you purchased the RF-to-USB2 kit from SiLabs or Distribution, the Cymbet code is available for download
at: Please download the code for the
appropriate Cymbet Eval Kit - EVAL-09, EVAL-10 or EVAL-11 kit as there are differences in the code.
• Adapter for easy connection of CBC-EVAL-10 to RF-to-USB2 RD node. This Adapter is provided free from
Cymbet using the Support Form:
• Watch the EVAL-10/RF-to-USB2 Video here:
Getting Started with the EVAL-10
The EH demonstration with the EVAL-10 and RF-to-USB2 is shown in Figure 1. This section describes the
procedure for establishing connectivity to the RF node board after you have installed the Silicon Labs RF to USB
Figure 1: PV Cell Attached to CBC-EVAL-10, which is Connected to the RF-to-USB2 Board via the Adapter
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AN-1053: SiLabs RF-to-USB2 Cymbet EH Demos
Reference Design software and followed the SiLabs RF-to-USB2 RD User’s Guide, located here: http://www.
1. Attach PV cell to CBC-EVAL-10 board as described in the EVAL-10 Data Sheet DS-72-20.pdf
2. Attach adapter board to CBC-EVAL-10 and RF-to-USB2 RD board as shown in Figure 1. Measure voltage on
Vout of CBC-EVAL-10 board. It should read 2.5V. It can take up to one minute in normal office lighting to
charge the CBC-EVAL-10 output to 2.5V. If the voltage is not 2.5 volts, place PV cell in brighter light until the
reading is 2.5V
3. On the SiLabs wireless node, make sure slider switch S2 is moved to the TS 3.3V position.
4. a) Plug the SiLabs dongle into a PC USB port. The dongle will install the USB wireless network GUI software
and might request an update. If the following window appears, click “Yes”.
b) Run the RF-to-USB2 RD Network Demo under the start menu “Silicon Laboratories”.
c) Click “Connect” on GUI to connect the USB dongle with the GUI.
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AN-1053: SiLabs RF-to-USB2 Cymbet EH Demos
d) Communication should begin after pressing the white push button SW1 on node board according to the
instructions in the Silicon Labs User’s Guide. Temperature and Potentiometer Data will be displayed on the
GUI as depicted below.
e) To vary the reading of the “Potentiometer” field in the GUI, rotate the black potentiometer wheel on the
RF-to-USB2 board. Please note the data is updated only every 10 seconds to work properly with EH power.
Occasionally, the dongle might not install correctly and a warning message will appear. If the following error
message appears, contact Silicon Labs technical support.
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AN-1053: SiLabs RF-to-USB2 Cymbet EH Demos
Cymbet Ordering Information
Cymbet Part Number
EnerChip EP Universal Energy
Harvesting Eval Kit
Contains Solar Cell and
CBC51100 Module
EnerChip CC Solar Energy
Harvesting Eval Kit
Contains Solar Cell and
CBC51100 Module
EnerChip CC RF Induction Charging
Eval Kit
Contains RF Charging pad and
EnerChip CC Charger
Silicon Labs Ordering Information
The Silicon Labs RF-to-USB2 RD kit can be ordered from Silicon Laboratories and approved distributors
From Silicon Labs:
From Digi-Key:
From Mouser:
Disclaimer of Warranties; As Is
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dealing, course of performance, or usage of trade. Cymbet battery products are not approved for use in life critical applications. Users shall
confirm suitability of the Cymbet battery product in any products or applications in which the Cymbet battery product is adopted for use and
are solely responsible for all legal, regulatory, and safety-related requirements concerning their products and applications and any use of
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