ETC C220

Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector
C 220
The C series thin-film PRTDs combine the ideal curve characteristics of ceramic wire-wound RTDs with the vibration
resistance of glass wire-wound RTDs and represent an excellent alternative to wire-wound RTDs. They are characterized
by high long-term stability, excellent temperature shock resistance and a wide temperature range of -196°C to +150°C.
The deviation from the DIN EN 60751 (according to IEC 751) characteristic curve is minimal over the entire temperature
range, they show no hysteresis. These features make them best suited for applications in aerospace, chemical and power
generation plants and analytical equipment.
Resistance R0
DIN EN 60751
DIN EN 60751
Order Num ber
Plastic Box
100 Ohm at 0°C
Class B
F 0.3
32 207 399
The measuring point for the nominal resistance is defined at 8mm from the end of the sonsor body.
DIN EN 60751
Nominal resistance
100Ω at 0°C
Temperature range
-196°C to +150°C
Tolerance Class B: -196°C to +150°C
Temperature coefficient
TC= 3850 ppm/K
AgPd- wire
Lead lengths (L)
10mm ±1mm
Long-term stability
max. R0-Drift 0.03% after 1000 h at 150°C
Environmental conditions
unhoused for dry environments only
Vibration resistance
at least 40g acceleration at 10 to 2000 Hz,
depends on installation
Shock resistance
at least 100g acceleration with 8ms
half sine wave, depends on installation
Insulation resistance
> 100 MΩ at 150°C
Self heating
0.4 K/mW at 0°C
Response time
water current (v= 0.4m/s):
air stream (v= 2m/s):
t0.5 = 0.06s
t0.9 = 0.20s
t0.5 = 3.5s
t0.9 = 13.0s
Measuring current
100Ω: 0.3 to 1.0mA
(self heating has to be considered)
Other tolerances, values of resistance and wire lengths are
available on request.
We reserve the right to make alterations and technical data printed. All technical data serves as a guideline and does not guarantee
particular properties to any products.
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