ETC ARM966E-S?(CW001102)

CW001102 - 120 MHz Low Power
Synthesized ARM966E-S™ Core
The CW001102 processor core is a low power implementation of the
popular ARM966E-S™, synthesized onto LSI Logic’s G12L 0.18 micron low
leakage process technology.
• 0.7 mW/MHz power dissipation
Tj =115 C, Vdd =1.8 V, slow process
The ARM966E-S, which is based on the five stage pipeline ARM9E-S™
Harvard architecture processor, also contains a complete memory subsystem of
tightly coupled instruction and data RAMs, an Embedded Trace Macrocell
(ETM) interface, and an AMBA™ (Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture)
AHB (Advanced High performance Bus) interface unit. This high level of
integration helps ease the task of integrating the core into your System on Chip
(SoC) design. Tight coupling of the RAM allows for high speed operation and
predictable memory timing. This makes the core an ideal choice for real time
systems needing timing critical execution. The instruction and data RAM sizes
are user configurable up to 512 K bytes. The AHB interface includes a write
buffer capable of burst transfers and split transactions. The ETM interface,
when used with the optional ETM core, provides extensive real-time trace
• G12L 0.18 micron, 1.8 V low leakage
• 120 MHz Operating frequency
• ARM966E-S Industry Standard
• Configurable memory subsystem for
maximum flexibility
• Synthesized core for optimal timing
accuracy and ASIC compatible design
• Complete AMBA subsystem
reference design available
• Extensive portfolio of AMBA
• Regional ARM CoreWare design
ETM (Embedded Trace Macrocell)
RAM Control
Data RAM
Write Buffer and AHB Interface
ARM966E-S Block Diagram
120MHz Synthesized ARM966E-S Core
The ARM966E-S supports the ARMv5TE instruction set including all of the
ARM9E family DSP instruction extensions. The core supports for both the ARM®
32-bit and Thumb® 16-bit instruction sets, making it upwardly code-compatible
with both the ARM7TDMI™ and ARM9TDMI™ families. The ability to switch on
the fly between ARM and Thumb instruction sets allows the user to trade
between high performance and code density.
The built in AMBA bus interface of the ARM966E-S core is an ideal
standard bus for building a complete CPU subsystem design. LSI Logic offers
both an AMBA subsystem reference design, and a library of popular AMBA
CPU peripherals for use by customers on SoC designs. Customers can also
incorporate their own AMBA based blocks onto this widely used industry
standard bus.
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The ARM966E-S is supported by a wide array of software development
tools available from ARM Limited as well as third party vendors.
Tel: 81 3 5463 7165
The core is implemented in LSI Logic’s G12L low leakage 0.18 micron
(drawn) process, giving a maximum speed of 120 MHz (worst case
commercial). Power consumption for the core is just 0.7 mW/MHz, making this
core ideal for a variety of portable applications.
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The CW001102 core is synthesized onto the G12L SoC cell library and is
provided complete with highly accurate timing models that fully support Static
Timing Analysis (STA) through the core. This can be a significant benefit for
achieving timing closure on high performance designs. The core is fully
compatible with LSI Logic’s entire FlexStream® SoC ASIC design flow making it
straightforward to integrate into complex customer designs. The CW001102
comes complete with built in full scan chains for good testability, and is
provided with a comprehensive set of deliverables including design files,
STA and ATPG scripts, and detailed integration guidelines. To further assist
customers with their designs, LSI Logic provides specialized ARM CoreWare®
integration support through our team of regionally based Field CoreWare
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