ETC PVM-4210

The PVM-4210 is a compact, OEM-style pulse generator module
providing two simultaneous differential voltage pulses of up to
±950V (1,900V differential), with pulse rise and fall times <15
nanoseconds, and pulse widths continuously adjustable from
<40 nanoseconds to DC. The pulser operates on +24VDC to
+28VDC support power, and features integrated DC high voltage
power supplies.
The PVM-4210 is optimized for differential drive of deflection
plates for electrostatic modulation of particle beams in time-offlight mass spectrometers and accelerators. It will also drive any
high impedance, capacitive load such as Pockels Cells and QSwitches, electrodes, microchannel plates, acoustic transducers,
image intensifiers and photomultiplier tubes. The exceptional
pulse fidelity of the PVM-4210 will optimize the performance of
any system in which it is used.
The module provides two pulse output channels, controlled by a
common control logic. When the control logic receives a gate
signal, both channels pulse simultaneously. One channel pulses
from ground to the positive high voltage, and the other channel
pulses from ground to the negative high voltage. Therefore each
output can be connected to the electrodes of a Pockels Cell or
Q-Switch, or to a pair of deflection plates, providing a 1,900V
differential pulse across the cell or plates. These outputs may
also be inverted, to pulse from the high voltage potential to
ground. The width and frequency of the output pulses follow the
width and frequency of the TTL input gate. The amplitude of the
output pulse voltage for each channel is independently adjustable from 0 to 950V using screwdriver-adjustable potentiometers
readily accessible on the end panel of the pulser module.
The PVM-4210 requires +24VDC to +28VDC support power and
a TTL gate signal. For safety and control flexibility, a TTL level
signal is used to enable and disable the DC power supplies.
Simultaneous Positive And Negative
0 To +950V and 0 To –950V Pulse
1,900V Differential Output
<15ns Rise And Fall Times
<40ns to DC Pulse Width
>20KHz Pulse Repetition Frequency
Internal High Voltage Power Supplies
Optimized To Drive Deflection Plates,
Pockels Cells, Q-Switches And Other
Capacitive Loads
Economical, Modular Solid State
Each channel is a half-bridge (totem pole) design, offering equally
fast pulse rise and fall times, low power dissipation, and virtually
no over-shoot, under-shoot or ringing. The unit has over-current
detection and shut-down circuitry to protect the pulse generator
against potential damage due to arcs and shorts in the load or
interconnect cables.
Unlike some competing solid state switches, the PVM-4210 is a complete pulser solution with high voltage power supplies, energy storage
and output network, ready for use. It can be connected directly to the
load, and does not require series or shunt resistors, impedancematching networks between the pulser and the load, or additional energy storage (capacitor banks). All of this is taken care of within the
PVM-4210. The pulser is housed in an aluminum enclosure, with
threaded mounting holes in the base to simplify installation and assembly in OEM applications.
The PVM-4210 is a direct-coupled, all solid-state design using air
as the primary insulating medium. Its conservative design margin
gives you long component life. And keeping the PVM-4210 free of
potting compound or encapsulation materials makes it easy to
service if a component ever does require replacement. Some
competing products are potted, and must be replaced if they fail.
But compactness and durability are not all you get in the PVM4210. Inherent in the design is exceptional pulse fidelity with virtually no ringing, over-shoot or under-shoot, and protection against
arcs, shorts and load transients in a reliable, economical module.
(All specifications measured into a 50pF load connected to each of the two outputs with 12” (~30cm) of Belden 8218 75Ω coaxial cable )
OUTPUT PULSE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Specifications Apply To Both Output Channels)
Output Voltage
Output Voltage Adjustments
Pulse Width
Pulse Rise And Fall Time
Pulse Recurrence Frequency
0 to +950V ±5V (Channel 1), 0 to –950V ±5V
(Channel 2)
Screwdriver-adjustable potentiometers, End
<40ns to DC measured FWHM, controlled by
input gate
≤15ns, 10%-90%
Pulse Droop
Single Shot to >20KHz continuous, 5MHz burst,
controlled by input gate (1)
<1ns Shot-to-Shot
Throughput Delay (Delay from leading edge of
input gate to leading edge of output pulse)
Maximum Duty Cycle
93ns typical
Maximum Average Power (Per Channel)
4W (1)
Pulse Output Connectors
SHV, End Panel
Output Cables
12” (~30cm) Belden 8218 75Ω Coaxial Cable
Min. Pulse Width: 38ns at 950V
10ns/Div horizontal scale, 200V/Div vertical scale
Typical Differential Output, ±950V
Gate Source
Gate Input
TTL into 50Ω
Gate Rise Time
Gate Connector
DSUB, End Panel
2.5µs/Div horizontal scale, 318V/Div vertical scale,
center horizontal trace is ground
Support Power
24VDC to 28VDC @ 600mA Maximum Current
Dimensions (Excluding Connectors)
5.5”W x 11”L x 1.75”H (140mm W x 279.5mm L x
44.5mm H )
41 Ounces (1.16 kilograms)
Weight (Approximate)
Pulse Fall Time: 13ns at 950V
Specifications subject to change without notice
10ns/Div horizontal scale, 200V/Div vertical scale
(1) The
power dissipated in each channel of the PVM-4210 when
driving a capacitive load is defined by the formula CV2F, where C is
the total load capacitance, including the capacitance of the load,
interconnect cable, and the internal capacitance of the PVM-4210, V
is the pulse voltage, and F is the pulse repetition frequency (or the
total pulses per second). (For these calculations, the internal capacitance of the PVM-4210 is 125pF, and Belden 8218 cable is
21.5pf/foot.) Given the maximum power supply capability of 4W
(4mA) per channel, the maximum load capacitance, frequency and/
or voltage at which the PVM-4210 can operate can be approximated
using this formula. At lower load capacitances and/or voltages less
then 950V, the PVM-4210 can operate at continuous pulse
recurrence frequencies greater than 20KHz. This formula is not
applicable when driving non-capacitive (resistive or inductive) loads.
Contact DEI for information or assistance in using the PVM-4210
with different load characteristics or impedances.
5MHz Pulse Burst, 950V Output
20KHz Frequency, Both Channels
250ns/Div horizontal scale, 200V/Div vertical scale
25µs/Div horizontal scale, 318V/Div vertical scale
9200-0204 Rev 3
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