Agilent Technologies
N5394A DVI Electrical Performance
Validation and Compliance Software
for Infiniium Oscilloscopes
Data Sheet
Verify and debug your DVI designs
more easily
Agilent Technologies N5394A
DVI electrical performance
validation and compliance
software for Infiniium Series
oscilloscopes provides you with
a fast and easy way to verify and
debug your digital visual interface
(DVI) designs for add-in cards,
cables and motherboard systems.
The DVI electrical test software
allows you to automatically
execute DVI electrical checklist
tests, and displays the results in a
flexible report format. In addition
to the measurement data, the
report provides a margin analysis
that shows how closely your
device passed or failed each test.
To make measurements with
the N5394A DVI electrical test
software, you also need the DVI
Compliance Test Kit test fixtures,
available through the DDWG1
Digital Display Working Group (
or Silicon Image, for hardware
clock recovery and making
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software performs a wide range
of tests required to meet the
DVI-1.0 electrical specifications
for add-in cards, cables and
motherboard systems as
documented in section 4 of
the base specification by the
DDWG1. To meet signal quality
requirements, your product must
successfully pass compliance
testing based on the DVI
specification. You must perform
the tests included on the checklist
before you submit your product
for full compliance testing.
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software helps you execute a
subset of the checklist tests
for transmitters (Tx) and cables
that can be measured with
an oscilloscope.
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software offers several features
to simplify the validation of
DVI designs:
• Test setup wizard for ease-ofuse
• All of the electrical tests
specified by DVI test
specification, full compliance
of DVI tests
• Measurement process
• Automated oscilloscope
measurement setup
• Test results report generation
• Pass/fail margin analysis
With the DVI electrical test
software, you can use the same
oscilloscope you use for everyday
debugging to perform automated
testing and margin analysis based
on the DVI-specified test checklist.
N5394A saves you time
Easy test definition
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software saves you time by setting
the stage for automatic execution
of DVI electrical tests. Part of the
difficulty of performing electrical
tests for DVI is hooking up the
oscilloscope, setting up the
proper configuration, and then
analyzing the measured results
by comparing them to limits
published in the specification.
The DVI electrical test software
does much of this work for you.
In addition, if you discover a
problem with your device, debug
tools are available to aid in rootcause analysis.
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software extends the ease-of-use
advantages of Agilent’s Infiniium
Series oscilloscopes to testing DVI
designs. The Agilent automated
test engine walks you quickly
through the steps required to
define the tests, set up the test,
perform the tests, and view the
The N5394A DVI electrical
test software offers the four
fundamental DVI electrical tests.
The software automatically
configures the oscilloscope for
each test, and it provides an
informative results report
that includes margin analysis
indicating how close your product
is to passing or failing that
specification. For many tests, a
selection is allowed on specific
measurement parameters.
Clock recovery of the TMDS
clock is accomplished with the
DVI Compliance Test Kit Clock
Recovery Unit (CRU) board to
ensure proper test results. See
Table 2 for a complete list of the
measurements made by the DVI
electrical test software.
test results. You can select a
category of tests all at once, or
specify individual tests. You can
save tests and configurations
as project files and recall them
later for quick testing and
review of previous test results.
Straightforward menus let you
perform tests with a minimum of
mouse clicks.
Easy to follow
task flow for
and running
Select one
test or a
group of
tests with
a single
mouse click
Figure 1. The Agilent automated test engine guides
you quickly through selecting tests and configuring
tests, setting up the connection, running the tests, and
viewing the results. You can easily select individual
tests or groups of tests with a mouse-click.
Configurability and guided
For this
the test
from a
range of
The N5394A DVI electrical test
software provides flexibility in
your test setup. It guides you to
make connection changes with
hookup diagrams when the tests
you select require it.
Test setup
for each
Figure 2. In configuring the tests, you define the device to test, its
configuration, and how the oscilloscope is connected.
For critical test parameters such
as the horizontal voltage swing
(Vswing) levels and worst-case
intersections of the transmitter
eye opening, you can choose to
have the software automatically
determine these values or
manually set them on the
displayed waveform.
modes can
be set from a
Figure 3. The DVI electrical test software allows automatic or manual
determination of the horizontal voltage swing levels.
All DVI electrical compliance
tests you perform are based on
the DVI Compliance Test Kit test
fixtures. The Clock Recovery
Unit (CRU) is used for hardware
clock recovery. The Test Point
Access Plug Board (TPA2-Plug) is
used for compliance tests at the
transmitter. The Test Point
Access Receptacle Board
(TPA2-Receptacle) is used for
compliance tests at the end of
a DVI cable and the input to
the receiver. Connection to the
compliance test fixtures is via
the Agilent InfiniiMax active
differential probes. The DVI
Compliance Test Kit also includes
files and procedures for creating
the pseudo-random and half-clock
patterns for the DVI product
being tested.
If more than one test setup connection
is required, you will be notified here
You are prompted to make the appropriate
connections for the set of tests
Figure 4. When you make multiple tests where the connections must be changed, the
software prompts you with connection diagrams and/or photographs.
Figure 5. The Silicon Image DVI Compliance Test Kit
CRU (Top board) and TPA2 fixtures (bottom boards).
Reports with margin analysis
In addition to providing you with
measurement results, the N5394A
DVI electrical test software
provides a report format that
shows you not only where your
product passes or fails, but also
reports how close you are to the
limits specified for a particular
test assertion. You select the
margin test report parameter,
which means you can specify
the level at which warnings
are issued to alert you to the
electrical tests where your
product is operating close to the
official test limit defined by the
DVI 1.0 specification for a given
test assertion.
of test
Figure 6. The DVI electrical test software results report documents your
test, indicates the pass/fail status, the test specification range, the
measured values, and the margin.
Test results in an easy-to-read
HTML formatted output
Details for each specific test made
Test description
Test limits
Test results and waveforms
Figure 7. Additional details are available
for each test including the test limits, test
description, and test results, including
waveforms, if appropriate.
Overall test description
User set margin thresholds for
warning and failure indicators
Margin values indicate when the
results are approaching test limits.
Warnings and failures are high-
Figure 8. How close your device comes to
passing or failing a test is indicated as a % in
the margin field. A result highlighted in yellow or red indicates your device has tripped
the margin threshold level for a warning or
Measurement requirements
Recommended test accessories
To use the N5394A DVI electrical
performance validation and
compliance software, you also
need the DVI Compliance Test
Kit (which contains the clock
recovery unit, test point access
fixtures, and cables), and at least
two 3.5-GHz or higher InfiniiMax
active differential probes (1131A,
1132A, 1134A, 1168A or 1169A)
with appropriate probe heads
(E2677A or N5381A solder-in or
E2678A socketed).
To complete your test setup, Agilent provides a wide range of cables,
adapters, terminations, etc.
The DVI Compliance Test Kit is
available from your local Silicon
Image distributor.
Model number
Power splitter, DC to 26.5 GHz, 3.5-mm (f) connectors
Power divider, DC to 26.5 GHz, 3.5-mm (f) connectors
Coaxial attenuator (3, 6, 10, 20 or 30 dB), DC to 18 GHz,
SMA connector
SMA (f - f) adapter, DC to 18 GHz
SMA (m - m) adapter, DC to 18 GHz
Right-angle adapter, SMA (m - m)
Right-angle adapter, SMA (f - m)
SMA tee adapter (m, f, f), DC to 12.4 GHz
SMA (m) to SMA (f) Adapter
Cable kit, four 90-cm (36-in) SMA (m - m) cables
Matched cable pair, two 90-cm (36-in) SMA (m - m) cables,
propagation delay within 25 ps
SMA (m) 50 Ω termination
Table 1. Recommended test accessories.
Oscilloscope compatibility
Data rate
Recommended oscilloscope
of recommended oscilloscope
The N5394A DVI electrical
performance validation
and compliance software is
compatible with all Infiniium
oscilloscopes with operating
software revision 5.30 or
higher for DSO80000 Series
or 1.01 for DSO90000A Series.
For oscilloscopes with earlier
software revisions, free upgrade
software is available at www.
Up to 1.65 Gb/s
4 GHz
6 GHz
Note: The required minimum bandwidth for DVI measurements is 4 GHz. N5394A DVI
electrical performance validation and compliance software will run on all Infiniium models. These include Agilent 54850 Series, DSO80000A/B Series, and DSO90000A Series.
The N5394A DVI electrical
performance validation
and compliance software is
compatible with Agilent 80000
Series oscilloscopes with
operating software revision
A.03.90 or higher.
Tests performed
The N5394A DVI electrical
performance validation and
compliance software performs
the following tests as per the
DVI 1.0 electrical specifications
for add-in cards, motherboard
systems, and cables as
documented in section 4 of
the base specification.
Assertion No.
Transmitter tests
Rise/fall times
Cable tests
Table 2. DVI electrical tests performed by the N5394A software.
Ordering information
Model number
To purchase the N5394A DVI
electrical performance validation
and compliance software with
a new or existing Infiniium
oscilloscope, order the following:
DVI electrical test software for Infiniium oscilloscopes
InfiniiMax active differential probe (1131A 3.5 GHz, 1132A 5
or 1134A 7 GHz)
E2677A or N5381A
InfiniiMax solder-in differential probe head
InfiniiMax socketed differential probe head
An alternative to purchasing the E2677A and E2678A is the E2669A:
InfiniiMax connectivity kit for differential/single-ended
measurements (contains one E2575A differential browser probe
head, four E2677A solder-in differential probe heads, and two
E2678A socketed differential probe heads)
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