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EZ-KIT Lite for Analog Devices
ADSP-218x DSP Family.
Key Featur es
• ADSP-2181 DSP
• AD1847 stereo codec
• RS-232 interface
• Socketed EPROM
• User push buttons
• Expansion connectors
• User configurable jumper
• Evaluation suite of VisualDSP++
• CE-certified
System Requirements
• Pentium® 166 MHz or higher
• Minimum of 32 megabytes of RAM
• Windows® 98, Windows 2000, or
Windows NT 4.0
• One RS-232 compatible serial port
The ADSP-2181 EZ-KIT Lite provides developers with a cost-effective method for
initial evaluation of the powerful ADSP-21xx DSP family architecture. The ADSP2181 EZ-KIT Lite includes an ADSP-2181 DSP board and fundamental code generation debug software. With this EZ-KIT Lite, users can learn about DSP hardware
and software development and evaluate potential applications of the ADSP-21xx
family of DSPs. The ADSP-2181 EZ-KIT Lite provides an evaluation suite of the
VisualDSP++ development environment with the C compiler, assembler, and linker.
All software tools are limited to use with the EZ-KIT Lite.
You can access the ADSP-2181 processor from the PC through a serial port or an
optional emulator. The monitor program gives you complete target debug capability through the serial port. In contrast, the emulator allows the PC to perform in-circuit emulation through the processor’s emulation port.
The EZ-KIT Lite board is equipped with hardware that facilitates interactive demonstrations. Push button switches and user programmable LEDs provide user control
and board status. Additionally, the AD1847 SoundPort® codec provides access to an
audio input (selectable as line level or microphone) and an audio output (line level).
The EZ-KIT Lite includes a monitor program stored in the socketed EPROM. The
monitor program lets the board communicate over the serial port to a PC. This monitor program lets you download, execute and debug ADSP-2181 programs.
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Analog Devices’ DSP Tools Product Line
CROSSCORE , Analog Devices’ DSP development tools product line,
provides easier and more robust methods for engineers to develop and
optimize DSP systems by shortening product development cycles for
faster time-to-market.
The CROSSCORE components include the VisualDSP++ software
development environment, EZ-KIT Lite evaluation systems, and
emulators for rapid on-chip debugging. VisualDSP++ is an integrated
software development environment allowing for fast and easy development, debug, and deployment. Emulators are available for PCI and
USB host platforms. The EZ-KIT Lite evaluation system provides an
easy way to investigate the power of the ADI’s family of DSPs to develop applications.
Analog Devices DSP
Analog Devices offers a wide range of DSP solutions from low-power
16-bit DSPs (ADSP-21xx family) to high-performance 32-bit SHARC®
and Blackfin DSPs. Our advances in design give you faster processing, more memory, lower power consumption, and simplified system
integration. We give you a competitive edge by providing a complete
solution, including expert technical support, comprehensive DSP
development tools, and an independent network of third party, DSP
Collaborative partners.
DSP Tools Support
Analog Devices is committed to continuous expansion of leading-edge
development solutions for DSP design engineers everywhere.
Tel: 1-800-ANALOGD
North America: [email protected]
Europe: [email protected]
For more information on the tools product line visit the Analog Devices
website .
Ordering Information
Please call Analog Devices DSP Tools Product Line at 603/883-2430 or
your local ADI sales representative or distributor for pricing and ordering information for part number: ADDS-2181-EZLITE.
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