October 2001
High Security 16-bit Dual Interface
Smart Card Microcontroller
• ISO/IEC 14443 Type B or C contactless interface
• Data transmission up to 212 Kbit/s
• ISO 7816 Interface
• 32.5 KBytes EEPROM
• 128 KBytes ROM
• 5 KBytes RAM
• 1024 Bit Coprocessor
• Integrated Security Concept (ISC)
Dual Interface:
The dual interface chip AE45X belongs to the high security
smart card controller family of Hitachi. It combines the
security features of the ISO 7816 compliant standard AE4
products, with the advantages of an additional contactless
interface according to the ISO 14443 type B or C. The
AE45X is manufactured using a highly reliable 0.35 µm
shrink CMOS process providing outstanding memory sizes.
In contactless mode the power supply and bi-directional
data transmission is done via a coil connected to the
AE45X. The coil is tuned to an operating frequency of
13.56 MHz, basis of a proximity card system. It provides a
high data transfer rate of 212 Kbit/s (max) at a distance of
up to 10 cm, and fulfils the requirements of most of the
contactless smar t card applications in terms of
performance and cost.
Compared to standard contact based smart cards, this
system works without any physical contact between the
terminal and the smart card, resulting in low maintenance
costs and reliable functionality in adverse environmental
conditions. The fast and high security data transfer
combined with its convenient handling makes it best suited
for various applications. Additionally, by using the
integrated anti-collision method several cards can be
operated on one terminal simultaneously.
Integrated Security Concept:
The AE45X designed under Hitachi’s Integrated Security
Concept is ideally suited for high security applications. The
ISC means that security is not just an add-on feature to
standard modules or cores, security has been built-in from
the start, forming an integral part of the whole Smart card
design concept. The whole ISC process e.g. secure chip
design environment, secured production facilities and
secure handling during shipment to the customer are
constantly reviewed in order to maximise the overall security
package. All devices of the AE-series will be evaluated and
certified by independent evaluation authorities.
Many security features such as integrated sensors,
distributed layout, random number generation, watchdog
timer, DES engine, Firewall Management Unit (FMU) and
power analysis attack protection are included providing a
strong ON-CHIP hardware security structure.
Uniquely, Hitachi smart card devices are fabricated using a
MONOS (Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) EEPROM
structure. MONOS advantages compared to standard
EEPROM structures are: high resistance to radiation
disturbance, high reliability and endurance.
A high performance Coprocessor is complementary to the
design concept ensuring final operation system efficiency,
application integrity and per formance that meet
tomorrow’s needs today.
The AE45X fulf ils the requirement of Smar t Card
applications for large memories, high security and highspeed secure authentication, data encryption or electronic
signature, as well as secure contactless data transmission.
This multi-application capability combines the standard
smart card usage such as bankcards with contactless based
applications for vending machines or passenger tickets. The
anti-collision method of the contactless interface is
particularly suitable for automatic public transport fare
collection where one terminal can operate several cards
simultaneously, preventing queues at the entrance gates.
Other contactless applications include access control to a
network or a building, and labelling and logistics involving
process tracking and identification.
The move from a single to multi-application on a single
chip requires not only additional memory for application
data storage but also features such as Firewall management
units to provide data integrity between applications. The
AE45X includes these features and its high speed
Coprocessor ensures the per formance needed for
processing of arithmetical data required in today’s high
security applications.
0.35 µm Shrink CMOS process
AE-4 - High performance 16-bit CPU
16 MBytes Linear Address Space
minimum instruction timing:
400 ns for 32-bit addition
2.8 us for 16 x 16-bit multiplication
RF interface ISO 14443 Type B / C
Carrier Frequency 13.56 MHz
Data rate up to 212 Kbit/s
Anticollision protocol for usage of several
cards simultaneously
512 Byte RAM
32 KBytes EEPROM
512 Bytes Extra EEPROM
Easy access by single instruction
1 to 64 Byte programming with one instruction
Protected against accidental writing and erasing
Data retention minimum 10 years
Programming & erasing voltage generation onchip
Endurance greater than 100,000 times
Erase time
Write time
Overwrite time
128 KBytes
4.5 KBytes
Coprocessor 1024 bit Key length
512 Byte RAM
RSA / ECC Cryptography
Several security features such as sensors
Des-Engine for calculation of 56 bit DES key by
Hardware Minimum execution time is 18 clock cycle.
Watchdog timer supports real time OS & applications
with exact time measurements
RNG to provide hardware random numbers
FMU Firewall Management Unit to support
PLL (Phase lock loop)
Single voltage power supply
4.5 V to 5.5 V
2.7 V to 3.3 V
Power Consumption
Max 10 mA in operation
Max 100µA in sleep mode (clock stoped)
External Clock input
fclk = 1 to 10 Mhz at 5V, fclk = 1 to 5 Mhz at 3V
Operating temperature:
Standard -25 to +85 C
Shipping Form 8 inch wafer
Sawn wafer, unsawn wafer
Chip on tape (COT) Module
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