Distribution Spotlight

Distribution Spotlight
Innovations Embedded
CMOS LDO Regulators with
Automatic Power-Saving Function
ROHM’s CMOS LDO regulators (BHxxPB1 Series) feature
a proprietary automatic power-saving (APS) function that
dynamically switches performance characteristics based
on operating conditions. The series combines the benefits
of LDOs — small packaging, minimal external components
and a simple design process — with very low average
power consumption.
Key Features
Portable devices
• PDAs
• Mobile phones
• Digital cameras
• Digital video cameras
• Low-voltage reference source enables stable operation from
1.7V input
• Integrated output discharge function eliminates the external
blocking diodes required to prevent reverse-voltage damage
• Equipped with inrush current protection for output stability
without the need for external components
• HVSOF5 package requires 70% less mounting area than the
standard SOT23-5
Quantity per reel: 3000 pieces
Price: $0.23
Samples available
High ESD Resistance
ensures high reliability in
any environment
High Ripple Rejection
results in stable operation
Excellent Load Regulation
even during load fluctuations
Ceramic Capacitor
reduces circuit footprint
Ultra-Low Dropout
input/output voltage difference
minimized for less power loss
0µA Standby Current
feature prolongs battery life
Precise Regulation
maintains selected voltage
with ±1% accuracy
Protection Circuits
prevent over-current and
over-temperature damage
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Automatic Power Saving
reduces current during no-load
conditions (BHxxPB1WHFV)
Discharge Circuit
improves stability and reduces
external components
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