MC13783 Power and Audio Management IC

Freescale Semiconductor
Chip Errata
Document Number: MC13783CE
Rev. 4, 10/2011
Power and Audio Management IC
This chip errata document applies to the MC13783 power management IC. Table 1 defines severity values
for errata. Table 2 provides the known chip errata affecting the MC13783. Table 3, on page 3 summarizes
the silicon waiver information.
Table 1. Definitions of Errata Severity
Severity Errata Type
Failure mode that severely inhibits the use of the device for all or a majority of
intended applications
Failure mode that might restrict or limit the use of the device for all or a majority Generally available
of intended applications
Unexpected behavior that does not cause significant problems for the intended Generally available
applications of the device
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Table 2. Chip Errata for MC13783
Erratum ID
Module Affected: ADC
Title: MC13783 ADC dual-SPI reading
errors. ADA selection issue in dual SPI.
Description: Internal ADA selector is controlled by
the SPI owner of last conversion. The address ports
are controlled by the most recent SPI to begin a
conversion. So if one SPI begins a conversion before
the other SPI has read out, then the previous
conversion results from the first set of results will be
corrupted. Root cause identified.
Workaround: A handshaking method using
semaphore is one potential solution for workaround.
Module Affected: Control/SPI
Title: MC13783 locked in power cut mode
Description: When the BP is between UVDET and
BPON, Li cell is present and not empty. Power cut
issue produces strange effects for turn on events:
1) Sometimes it delays the turn on of the charger
2) Sometimes it delays the M3 turn on upon battery
insertion (B+ does not get voltage immediately).
3) Sometimes it prevents the MC13783 turn on by
enabling a power supply when connected to the
battery terminals.
Root cause identified:
• In power cut, user off and memory hold modes, the
AC references are off ≥ BP regulator cannot turn on
• During extended power cut, the MEMTMR and PCT
stop counts when the BP is between UVDET and
Workaround: Disable power cut mode (by setting
PCEN = 0) when BP is below BPON.
Module Affected: Connectivity/USB
Title: USB crossover voltage could be
degraded when USBVCC is connected to
1.8 V.
Description: The USB crossover voltage could be
degraded when the USBVCC is connected to 1.8 V.
Conditions: USBVCC set to 1.8 V.
Fix Plan/Status:
• Supply to the USBVCC with 2.775 V.
MC13783 Chip Errata, Rev. 4
Freescale Semiconductor
Table 3. Silicon Waivers to the MC13783
Erratum ID
Title: Vvib load regulation exceeds the ±3% Description: When the regulator is loaded with full
load, the output voltage is not in the ±3% range. The
regulator drop is below the -3%. Output voltage
accuracy relaxes from ±3% to:
• For 1.3 V set point 1.23 V min. - 1.34 V max.
• For 1.8 V set point 1.72 V min. - 1.85 V max.
• For 2.0 V set point 1.91 V min. - 2.06 V max.
• For 3.0 V set point 2.88 V min. - 3.09 V max.
Module Affected: Audio
Title: Audio SPI Issue
Description: Depending on SPI clock speed and
main audio clock (CLI) speed, sometimes the Audio
Codec or the Stereo DAC does not start when it is
programmed to do so. This is due to an internal clock
timing issue related to the loading of audio converter
SPI bits into the audio block.
• When using Audio Codec: do a second SPI write
access to register 40 (Audio Codec) directly after
the original write to register 40 with the exact same
• When using Stereo DAC: do a second SPI write
access to register 41 (STDAC) directly after the
original write to register 41 with the exact same
Module Affected: Charger
Title: Charger Separate Input, Dual Path
configuration should not be used
Description: The Separate Input, Dual Path charger
configuration should not be used as you may
experience an oscillation issue when battery voltages
are slightly above the CHGDETSEP threshold of 3.8V
maximum and the charger is disconnected. Also, the
CHRGRAW voltage must be greater than ~4.6V
before the charger current can be programmed in this
Workaround: Use Common Input, Dual Path Charger
configuration instead.
Module Affected: Charger
Title: Charger detection threshold in
separate input dual path mode
Module Affected: Charger
Title: Standalone Trickle unavailable for
Single path mode and SE1 = High
Description: When in separate input charging
configuration, detection of charger removal is based
on CHGDETSEP and CHGCURR thresholds.
• Rising detection threshold for CHGDETSEP is 3.8V
max whereas it is specified at 4.65V max in the
MC13783 User Guide.
• Falling detection threshold for CHGDETSEP is
3.6V max whereas it is specified at 4.4V max in the
MC13783 User Guide.
Description: When in single path charger
configuration (CHRGMOD0 = OPEN), and SE1 signal
is HIGH, standalone trickle mode is not available.
Feature has been removed from IC.
Workaround: SE1 signal should be set low in single
path charger mode for standalone trickle charging to
be operational.
MC13783 Chip Errata, Rev. 4
Freescale Semiconductor
Revision History
Table 4 summarizes revisions to this document since the release of the previous version (Rev. 3.3).
Table 4. Revision History
Table 3, third row
from bottom
Added Silicon Waiver item titled:
Charger Separate Input, Dual Path configuration should not be used.
Table 3, second row Changed Silicon Waiver item titled:
from bottom
Charger detection threshold in separate input dual path mode.
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