JMK. Inc.
Operating voltage = 115-250vac
Operating current = 3 amps
Operating frequency = 50-60 Hz
Operating temperature= -20 - +50 oC
Diel. withstanding (line-case)= 1500V~ for 1min
Diel. Withstanding = (line– line)= 1500Vdc for 1 min
Leakage current = 2.5ma @ 250Vac, 60Hz
Max residual voltage after 1 sec= 34V Max.
Order p/n: EF-1657-3
The EF-1657-3 is an economical filter for use with
systems designed to function in the tempest or other
environment where the suppression of high
frequency emissions is important.
This filter features feed-through capacitors and has
insertion loss to beyond 1.0Ghz.
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