3M B-36-9

Model B
Stack-Up Banana Plug
Both Ends
• Mates to Model #1581, 2854 or standard Banana Jack.
• Cross and vertical stacking banana plug.
• Ideal for providing jumpers or chassis boxes.
Conn: Extension Stacking Banana Plug
Material: Spring, Beryllium Copper per QQ-C-533, Allow 172, Cond. HT.
Plug Body: Brass, per QQ-B-626, Alloy 360, ½ hard.
Finish: Nickel plate per QQ-N-290 class 2, 200/300 microinches.
Insulation: Polypropylene molded to plug body and wire
Color: Matches color of wire.
Marking: “MODEL B-XX”
Wire: 18 AWG, stranding 65 x 36 t.c., PVC insulated, 3.66 (.144) O.D.
Color: See Ordering Information
Marking: “POMONA B-XX-*”
RATINGS: (Entire Assembly)
Operating Temperature.: +55ºC. (+131ºF.) Max.
Operating Voltage: Hand-held Testing: 30VAC/60 VDC Max.
Hands free testing in Controlled Voltage Environment: 5000 WVDC
Current: 15 Amperes Cont.
XX = Cable Lengths, Standard Lengths: 4” (102), 8” (203), 12” (305), 18” (457), 24” (610), 36” (914), 48” (1219),
60” (1524) & 72" ((1829). Additional lengths can be quoted upon request.
*= Color, -0 Black, -1 Brown, -2 Red, -3 Orange, -4 Yellow, -5 Green, -6 Blue, -7 Violet, -8 Gray, -9 White
Ordering Example: B-72-2 Indicates 72” in length, Color is Red.
All dimensions are in inches. Tolerances (except noted): .xx = ±.02” (,51 mm), .xxx = ± .005” (,127 mm).
All specifications are to the latest revisions. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Registered trademarks are the property of their respective companies.
Sales: 800-490-2361 Fax: 888-403-3360
Technical Assistance: 800-241-2060
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Made in USA
PomonaACCESS 90534 (800) 444-6785 or (425) 446-6010
More drawings available at www.pomonaelectronics.com
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