ETC 1N5987D

Glass Diode Series Reliability & Qualification Data
This is the reliability and qualification data for the glass axial lead and surface mount Zener,
rectifier and Schottky series.
JAN/JANTX/JANTXV available for most
Voltage range: 1.8 to 200 Volts
.25 – 1.0 watt power rating
Low noise, Low leakage and
Tight tolerance available
Hermetically sealed, double slug glass
Tin-Lead Plating
DO-7, DO-35, DO-41, DO-213AA, DO-213AB
Cathode indicated by band
Metallurgical bond available
Maximum Ratings
Operating Temperatures: -65° C to 200° C
Storage Temperature: -65° C to 200° C
Moisture Classification
ESD Sensitivity
Estimated FIT 0.3
Temperature Cycle
Steady State Life
High Temperature Storage
Level 1 Package - No Drypack Required
Hermetically sealed
Non-sensitive – No special handling required
90% confidence, 70° C operating, 0.7 eV
0/[email protected] 20 temp. cycles (-55° C to 175° C)
0/83704 @ 25° C – Tj 150° (1000)
0/675 @ 175° C (1000 Hours)
John Freeman
Director of Engineering
Bill Jones
Director of Quality Control and
Reliability Assurance
The following series are covered: 1N4370-4372, 1N746-1N759, 1N962-1N992, 1N40991N4135, 1N4614-1N4627, 1N4678-1N4717, 1N4728-1N4764, 1N5221-1N5281, 1N5518-
1N5546, 1N5817, 1N5819, 1N5728-1N5757, 1N5913-1N5956, 1N5985-1N6031, 1N4001–
1N4006 and all MLL, DL, UR AND –1 versions.