450 MHz HFM Oscillator
General Description
Small 5-pin SOT-23 package
Frequency to 450 MHz typ.
Amplitude to 100mA pk/pk typ.
Single +3.5V to +5.0V supply
Simple to use - only two external
resistors required
• Independent resistor setting for
frequency and amplitude.
The EL6200C is a solid state high performance laser modulation oscillator with external resistor adjustable frequency and amplitude. The
EL6200C is available in the 5-pin SOT23 to enable device placement
close to the laser for reduced EMI signature.
The EL6200C has internal supply bypass capacitors to reduce oscillation noise spread through supply connections.
DVD- Players
Optical disk drives
DVD-ROM drives
DVD-RAM drives
CD-RW drives
MO drives
Optical pickup head assembly
Laser diode modulation
Local oscillator
Communications lasers
EL6200C - Product Brief
EL6200C - Product Brief
The oscillator frequency is set by connecting a single external resistor
from the RFREQ pin to ground. The oscillator current output amplitude is set by connecting a single external resistor from the RAMP pin
to ground.
Connection Diagram
5-Pin SOT23
Ordering Information
Part No
Temp. Range
Outline #
0°C to +70°C
5-Pin SOT23
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EL6200C - Product
EL6200C - Product Brief
450 MHz HFM Oscillator
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