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Data Sheet
Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors
GRM32ER61C226KE20p (1210, X5R, 22µF, 16Vdc)
p: packaging code
(in mm)
■ Dimensions
■ Packaging
Length L
Minimum Quantity
Width W
180mm Plastic Tape
Thickness T
330mm Plastic Tape
Electrode e
0.30mm min.
Electrode Gap g (min.)
■ Specifications
■ Rated Value
Please refer to 'Specification' PDF file.
TC Code
TC Code (Standard)
Capacitance Change
Rated Voltage
o This
data sheet is applied for CHIP MONOLITHIC CERAMIC CAPACITOR used for General Electronics equipment for your design.
o Solderability of Tin plating termination chip might be deteriorated when low temperature soldering profile where peak solder temperature is below the Tin
melting point is used. Please confirm the solderability of Tin plating termination chip before use.
! Note:
1. Export Control
For customers outside Japan
Murata products should not be used or sold for use in the development, production, stockpiling or utilization of any conventional weapons or mass-destructive
weapons (nuclear weapons, chemical or biological weapons, or missiles), or any other weapons.
For customers in Japan
For products which are controlled items subject to the “Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law” of Japan, the export license specified by the law is required
for export.
2. Please contact our sales representatives or product engineers before using the products in this data sheet for the applications listed below, which require
especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly damage to a third party's life, body or property, or when one of our products is
intended for use in applications other than those specified in this data sheet.
w Aerospace equipment
q Aircraft equipment
r Power plant equipment
e Undersea equipment
y Transportation equipment (vehicles, trains, ships, etc.)
t Medical equipment
i Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment
u Traffic signal equipment
!0 Application of similar complexity and/or reliability requirements to the applications listed in the above
o Data-processing equipment
3. They are subject to change or our products in it may be discontinued without advance notice. Please check with our sales representatives or product engineers
before ordering. If there are any questions, please contact our sales representatives or product engineers.
4. This data sheet has only typical specifications because there is no space for detailed specifications. Therefore, please approve our product specifications or
transact the approval sheet for product specifications before ordering. Especially, please read rating and !CAUTION (for storage, operating, rating, soldering,
mounting and handling) in them to prevent smoking and/or burning, etc.
5. You are able to read a detailed specification in the website of Search Engine ( or catalog library (
before to require our product specification or to transact the approval sheet for product specification.
6. Please note that unless otherwise specified, we shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any conflict or dispute that may occur in connection with the effect
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above under licenses without our consent.
7. No ozone depleting substances (ODS) under the Montreal Protocol are used in our manufacturing process.