User's Guide
Mini Microscope
Model MC108
Congratulations on your purchase of this Extech Meter. This digital microscope with 7 to
27X optical magnification, 4X digital zoom, image capture and real time mode via the PC
USB interface, is ideal for quality control, engineering and hobbyist applications. Features
include rechargeable batteries, split screen comparison mode, light level adjustment, four
image processing modes and digital camera operation. This meter is shipped fully tested
and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.
• The microscope is not-waterproof. Please keep it dry. Do not use in areas with high
• Use the microscope only within its operating temperature range: (23°F to 122°F / -5°C to
50°C) .
• Sudden varied temperatures changes may cloud the lens.
• Do not let the lens face directly into sunlight or intense light for an extended period of
time. Strong light can damage the light-sensitive electronic circuits.
• Avoid touching the lens.
• Caution! The white LEDs have strong luminosity. Avoid directly staring at them. The light
may damage your eyes.
• If the transparent protector in front of the lens contacts any toxic materials or
contaminated materials, remove the protector and disinfect it.
• Do not remove power/batteries when Microscope is on. Doing so may cause information
loss or circuit damage.
• To dispose of the battery, follow local regulations regarding lawful disposal of hazardous
MC108 V1.1 2/09
Power Supply
• The unit includes three Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
• The unit can run from the batteries or from USB power when
the USB cable is connected to a PC or to the power adaptor.
• The Ni-MH batteries will recharge automatically when the
microscope is connected, with the USB cable, to a PC or to the
USB power adapter.
• When the recharger is in the power-off mode, the white LEDs will
flash twice every three seconds. If the recharger is in power-on
icon will be shown on screen.
mode, the
• After completely charging in the power-off mode, the white LEDs will
flash once every three seconds. After completely charging in the
power-on mode, the
icon will be shown on screen.
• Recharge Ni-MH batteries every few months, even if the system is
not used to maintain battery strength, this is suggested to extend battery longevity.
• For lengthy storage periods, remove batteries to prevent damage due to battery
leakage/ discharge.
• The unit may also use alkaline batteries. Do not mix battery types in use and do not
recharge alkaline batteries.
Powering the Unit
Press the power button for 2 seconds and then enter the normal observation Mode.
The magnified images should now be shown on the screen.
By placing the observed object below the aiming mark located on the back of the case,
the screen will display the observed image desired.
You may adjust the transparent protector in front of the lens protector in order to
provide focus.
Press the save button, or zoom wheel, to capture images for purposes of recording.
1. Optical zoom/focus
2. Aiming mark
3. Display
4. Zoom/ Snapshot
5. Return/Preview
6. Special effects/Up
7. Power
8. Tools
9. Brightness
10. Set/Save/Compare
11. Indicator
1 2
6 7
9 8
Optical Zoom/Focus dial
MC108 V1.1 2/09
Optical Zoom/Focus:
The microscope has an optical zoom function at 2 points ( 7x & 27x ). The Optical
Zoom/Focus can be used to adjust both the zoom rate and the focus.
When the indicator is moved to a lower magnification than 7x, the unit will operate just like
a digital camera. The observed object is not to be in direct contact from 1 to 7 times of
Operational modes:
Digital Camera Mode
Magnification: 1/∞
Optical Zoom Adjustable
Digital Zoom 4x
Digital Magnifier Mode
Magnification: 7x~25x
Optical Zoom 7x
Digital Zoom to 25x
Digital Microscope
Magnification: 27x~108x
Optical Zoom 27x
Digital Zoom to 108x
Zoom and Snapshot:
Digitally zoom in/out images for 4x. Press down on the zoom wheel to save the image into
RAM. The unit can enlarge image to 108x. (27x4=108x).
Aiming Mark:
Circular mark on the back of case shows position of lens, which helps locate lens over the
target object.
Special Effects:
Press this button to select different image effects. (E.g. normal, gray, inverse, ruler and
Hold this button for 2 seconds to turn the unit on/off
Press this button to enter Setting Mode.
Press this button to save current image into RAM. You can also save image by pressing
down on the Zoom wheel. In Preview Mode, press this button to compare images. In
Setting Mode, press this button to confirm image.
Brightness Control:
Press this button to change LED brightness. This button can also be used to turn off the
illumination LED.
In a normal mode, press this button to enter Preview Mode. When in other modes, press
this button to return to normal mode.
MC108 V1.1 2/09
Power-adapter: Plugs into wall socket and into USB cable. Will accept 100V ~ 240V AC
and output 5V DC.
Mini-USB cable: Used for data communications and battery charging.
1. Press the settings button to open the settings menu.
2. Press the up or down buttons (arrows) to move the cursor to
the desired selection.
3. Press the center SET button to select the menu.
4. Press the up or down buttons (arrows) to move the cursor to
the desired selection.
5. Press the center SET button to select the save the selection
or press the return key (reverse arrow) to exit the menu
without changes.
Power Saving: To set the time period for automatic power shut
off. Press any key except “Power“ to exit the sleep mode.
Status Display: To turn on/off the display of screen status .
Brightness: To set 4 levels of LED brightness .
White Balance: To turn on/off Auto-White correction.
Delete all pictures: To delete all pictures in memory.
Factory Default: Returns to all original settings.
Image Effects
Press the Image Effects button to
to change the appearance of the image. The
image mode selected is indicated by the corresponding letter next to the battery symbol in
the display (N, G, I, E, or D).
Normal (N):. Normal display
Gray (G): To remove color and create a gray-scale image for easier image discrimination.
Inverse (I): To reverse color and/or grayscale to help highlight some given features.
Emboss (E): Normal emboss algorithm. Useful to accentuate some given image features.
Dual Window View (D): Divides the display into two images. The original image remains
in the right window and a magnified view of the image appears in the left window.
Ruler: Hold the Special Effects button for 2 seconds and the ruler will appear at the bottom
of screen. The value at the right side of the ruler is the entire length. It varies by changing
magnification of the targeted object.
The ruler is shown only when the indicator is located at text 7 & 27. It is intended for user’s
convenience, not for scientific accuracy.
For Example: The value of the ruler is 0.5mm for 10 lattice. Each small lattice is 0.05mm.
The scale is not exact due to the variable distance from lens to image
MC108 V1.1 2/09
In normal observation mode, press the Preview
button to recall a saved image.
The saved image will be shown on the screen. The up/down and tool buttons can be used
to change pages and erase the image. Press the Preview button again to exit this mode.
Dual Window Compare:
While in Preview mode, press the SET button to enter the Compare mode. The recalled
image will appear in the left window and the targeted image will be shown in the right
window. Press SET button again to leave this mode.
Battery Low
Battery power is low.
Image Effect
N: Normal Mode G: Gray Mode
I: Inverse Mode E: Emboss Mode
D: Dual Window View Mode
When in Dual Window View mode or Dual Window
Compare mode. Pressing Confirm button will enter
Freeze mode. Press Confirm button again to leave
Freeze mode.
Current magnification rate is shown when the
indicator is located at text 7 and 27.
Image Quality and
Three levels of adjustment.
LED Brightness
Hold the Special Effects button for 3 seconds to
switch between frame-center mark and ruler.
Power Supply Power is supplied by USB cable to PC or an
by USB or adapter adaptor. .
Recharging batteries engaged.
MC108 V1.1 2/09
Microscope-to-PC Connection
The microscope application program comes with the microscope installation disk (CD), to
allow you delivery of images to your PC via USB port, or from your PC to the microscope.
This application program is compatible with Windows 2K, XP, and Vista.
Installation procedure:
1. Do not connect the microscope to PC.
2. Put the CD into CD player.
3. The installation screen will start automatically. If the installation screen does not
appear, please enter the root directory of the CD and execute “MicroscopeSetup.exe”
for program installation.
4. Install USB driver first, then install the application. After completion, remove the CD.
5. Whenever loading pictures to, or from, your microscope, it needs to be connected it to
your PC via the mini-USB cable. Click the icon on the desktop screen to execute.
The microscope uses a CP2102 USB to UART bridge chip for communications with PC.
For more information please refer to the website www.silabs.com. CP2102 is a product of
** You may use the “add/remove programs” on the control panel to remove the application
program and USB driver.
Application Program Instructions
When starting the application program (see figure 1), click the “Language” to select your
icon. A “Digital Microscope” dialog will appear on the
preference, then click the
screen , click “OK” to continue.
When the microscope is connected to the PC (see figure 2), all functions and keys on the
unit are suspended from use, except variable magnification & LED brightness control.
Figure 1.
Click the
icon and the image inside the microscope will be copied to RAM memory on
your PC. Also, the file name and size will be indicated in the window. You can preview
images in the mid-side of the window, or you can save to permanent memory by clicking
or the
icon. The download procedure may take some time depending on the
number and size of pictures committed for storage.
Click the
icon, then the image will upload from PC to the microscope. The image size
is limited to 320x240 pixels standard jpg compressed format.
MC108 V1.1 2/09
icon to permanently erase the image files inside the Flash-Memory.
Figure 2.
The right lower portions of the screen both have the same function in the VT101
icon for real-time imaging.The observed image is shown as figure 3. You
Click the
may click the “Show Magnification” or “Show Ruler” option, the effect is also shown as
figure 3. Please remember ruler and magnification number are for reference only. They are
shown when the optical zoom/focus indicator is located at text 7 and 27.
icon. Transmission may be slow, after
Magnification is variable by clicking the
clicking the icon; you may have to wait a moment to obtain the desired image.
Click the
icon in figure 3 to save the display image to PC.
Click the
icon to leave Continuous Image Transfer mode.
Figure 3.
Click the
icon will disconnect the microscope from the PC.
Click the
icon will leave the program.
MC108 V1.1 2/09
Sensor element
300,000 pixels CMOS
High sensitivity lens
Auxiliary light
White LED × 3 with super high brightness
LCD screen
1.8” TFT color LCD screen
2MB Data FLASH -- capacity ~ 60 pictures
USB 2.0
Magnifying rate
Optical zoom 1 ~ 7x and 27x. Digital zoom 4x.
DC IN terminal (mini USB plug)
3 x AAA, RO3, 1.5V alkaline batteries or 3 x 1.2V Ni-MH
rechargeable batteries.
AC transformer (Output: DC 5.0V/1000mA; Input: AC 100-240V
Current consumption
Maximum = 220mA (with LEDs on at highest illumination)
120 × 56 × 25 mm
Approximately 70 grams (not including batteries)
Operational temperature
-5ºC ~ 50ºC
Environmental humidity:
Below 85% (no dew) recommended
instrument to be free of defects in parts and workmanship for one year from date of
shipment (a six month limited warranty applies to sensors and cables). If it should
become necessary to return the instrument for service during or beyond the warranty
period, contact the Customer Service Department at (781) 890-7440 ext. 210 for
authorization or visit our website www.extech.com for contact information. A Return
Authorization (RA) number must be issued before any product is returned to Extech.
The sender is responsible for shipping charges, freight, insurance and proper
packaging to prevent damage in transit. This warranty does not apply to defects
resulting from action of the user such as misuse, improper wiring, operation outside of
specification, improper maintenance or repair, or unauthorized modification. Extech
specifically disclaims any implied warranties or merchantability or fitness for a specific
purpose and will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential
damages. Extech's total liability is limited to repair or replacement of the product. The
warranty set forth above is inclusive and no other warranty, whether written or oral, is
expressed or implied.
Support line (781) 890-7440
Technical Support: Extension 200; E-mail: [email protected]
Repair & Returns: Extension 210; E-mail: [email protected]
Product specifications subject to change without notice
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MC108 V1.1 2/09