Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560
Bluetooth® Wireless Kit
Texas Instruments’ Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth®
Wireless Kit provides a robust, high-throughput wireless
connection with extended range and power efficiency. The
solution combines two of TI’s most popular Stellaris
microcontroller development kits (each sold separately), a
Stellaris EM2 expansion board, and TI’s proven 7th generation
Bluetooth wireless technology with a complete, certified,
production-ready CC2560-PAN1323ETU (Easy-to-Use)
board. The Stellaris DK-LM3S9B96 and DK-LM3S9D96
development kits provide the full suite of tools an engineer
needs to develop and prototype Bluetooth wireless technology
applications with Stellaris.
The TI-supplied Bluetopia® software profiles included in this
kit are provided royalty-free and under a free license.
Bluetopia is a mature Bluetooth wireless technology solution
that has shipped on millions of enterprise and consumer
devices. The CC2560-PAN1323ETU module is a highlyintegrated Class 2 HCI device offered by Panasonic using TI’s
CC2560 Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR Transceiver. It provides best-inclass Bluetooth wireless technology RF performance of
+10 dBm typical transmit power, -93 dBm typical receiver
sensitivity, and a data rate up to 2.1 Mbps.
The Stellaris Bluetooth wireless technology solution allows
software application developers to become familiar with the
operation of the CC2560-PAN1323ETU (Easy-to-Use) board
evaluation module using their Texas Instruments’ Stellaris
embedded microcontroller platform and helps reduce
development time, lower manufacturing costs, save board
space, ease certification, and minimize RF expertise required.
„ Included Software Sample Applications
– Set up a Bluetooth wireless technology A2DP sink
– Communicate between devices using Serial Port
Protocol (SPP)
Kit Contents
DK-EM2-2560B Kit Contents
The Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth® Wireless Kit
provides the tools engineers need to set up and develop
wireless applications right out of the box including:
„ 1 DK-LM3S9B96 EM2 Expansion Board (includes CD with
tools and documentation)
„ 1 CC2560-PAN1323 Bluetooth v2.1 + Enhanced Data Rate
(EDR) Module
„ 1 eZ430-RF2560 Bluetooth Evaluation Tool
1 RF2560T target board
1 USB stick in plastic housing
1 battery board
2 AAA batteries
Ordering Information
Product Number Description
Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth® Wireless Kit
(includes DK-LM3S9B96-EM2 Expansion Board)
The DK-EM2-2560B works with either of these two Stellaris Development Kits
(each sold separately)
Stellaris® LM3S9B96 Microcontroller Development
Kit (Tempest class)
Stellaris® LM3S9D96 Microcontroller Development
Kit (Firestorm class)
TI's Stellaris® 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth® Wireless Kit
„ Supports TI’s proven 7th generation Bluetooth wireless
technology with extended range and power efficiency
„ Full-featured evaluation boards for hardware and software
„ Software development kit including Bluetooth wireless
technology software stack, Serial Port Profile (SPP),
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), and Audio/
Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)
Platform Partners
RF modules and design services
Stonestreet One
Bluetooth software and design services
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