600 series
Marvell ARMADA 610 Application Processor
1GHz, 1080p encode/decode, 45 MTPS 3D, Security enabled
The ARMADA™ 610 processor is Marvell®’s next generation application processor. Designed for mobility, the ARMADA
610 features a gigahertz-class CPU, integrated 1080p full HD encode and decode, and 3D graphics to offer high
performance and visual and entertaining experiences for Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), connected portable media
players, eReaders, smartphones, and new personal information appliances. Apart from its family members, the ARMADA
610 is designed to use extremely low power while maintaining high processing performance and attractive price points for
manufacturers — all in the lightweight form factors with extended battery life consumers are looking for.
The ARMADA 610 is based on a Marvell-designed ARM v7 compatible CPU offering best-in-class performance. The
ARMADA 610 features bleeding-edge graphics with a powerful 3D engine that renders full 2D/3D graphics with a
complete floating point pipeline and unified vertex and fragment/pixel shading to generates contrast-rich scenes
with high-definition resolution and color. The ARMADA 610 supports OpenGL ES 2.0 and 1.1 and Open VG – ensuring
complete compatibility with the most hotly anticipated game titles and is able to render 45M triangles per second for
an immersive gameplay experience.
The ARMADA 610 features Marvell’s award winning Qdeo technology and can seamlessly both encode and decode
1080p video, enabling applications such as HD IP cameras, full HD camcorders and HD video playback that were
previously impossible for this class of device. Finally, the ARMADA 610 offers the flexibility to use any standard
memory (LPDDR and standard DDR), a highly flexible display controller capable of four simultaneous displays at
2K x 2K resolution (greater than WUXGA) and a highly robust security subsystem that includes a secure execution
processor. The ARMADA 610 also features support for superior advanced peripherals such as MIPI, which includes
support for MIPI DSI display, MIPI CSI camera, MIPI HSI and MIPI SLIMbus. Additional IOs include: USB 2.0 HSIC,
SD/SDIO/MMC, eMMC, HDMI w/PHY and a standard set of lower bandwidth peripherals. Finally, the ARMADA 610
maintains support for legacy peripherals such as Parallel LCD and Parallel Camera interfaces with integrated laser
scanner support. And with optimized support for Linux, Android™, Maemo, Windows® Mobile 6.5, Windows CE 6,
Windows CE 7, Flash® 10, industry standard APIs such as OpenMAX and OpenGL, ARMADA 610 customers will have
one of the broadest choices of platform support in the industry.
NAND Flash
Static Mem
4 Ports
4 Ports
6 Ports
6 Ports
1 Ports
2 Ports
1 Ports
32 KB L1
Sheeva™ CPU I-Cache
2.42 DMIPS/ 32 KB L1
2xMIPI Parallel
45 MT/sec
200 MP/sec
USB 2.0
256 KB L2 Cache
Engine and
SHA-1, MD5
HD Video
H264, VC-1
MPEG2, H263,
MPEG-4, On2
Power Management
Fig 1. Marvell ARMADA 610 Application Processor
Audio I2S
Audio I2S
Power Island
Fuse OTP
600 series
Marvell ARMADA 610 Application Processor
• Marvell PJ4 Core
• Hardware Video Acceleration
– Marvell Sheeva CPU Technology
– Up to 1 GHz operation (2.41 DMIPS/MHz)
– ARMv7 and ARMv6 compliant
– Wireless MMX2, VFPv3D16, Thumb-2, Jazelle* RCT
– Integrated video accelerator supporting 30 fps 1080p decode and
– 1080p decode support for H.264 high profile, VC-1/WMV, MPEG-4,
MPEG-2, H.263, On-2. – 1080p encode support for h.264 high
profile, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, H.263 and On-2
– Trustzone technology for secure
– 32 KB I-Cache, 32 KB D-Cache, 256 KB L2 Cache
• Hardware 3D/2D acceleration
– Integrated 3D accelerator w/ full 2D acceleration
– 45M triangle strips per second, 250 Mpixel/s fill rate
– Supports OpenGL* ES 2.0/1.1 and OpenVG 1.1
• Image Signal Capture
• Audio Accelerator System
– Low power audio island with streaming support when processing is in
– Supports up to 100 hrs of audio playback
• LCD Controller
– Integrated ISP up to 16MP
– Dual LCD panels (smart or active), up to 2k x 2k
– Dual MIPI CSI-2 controllers
– Supports two symmetric LCD panels as a single virtual LCD
– Primary sensor resolution up to 14MP
– 2x MIPI DSI controllers; One parallel 24-bit LCD; 1x ePaper
– Secondary sensor resolution up to 4MP
– HDMI v1.3a w/ integrated PHY (1080p resolution)
– Parallel image capture interface
– Supports four independent content streams on four displays (2x LCD
+ 1x ePaper + 1x HDMI)
– Laser/optical bar code reader interface
• Static Memory Controller
• MMC, SD and SDIO Controller
– 4 chip selects, up to 256 MB each
– 4x MMC/SD/SDIO/CE-ATA Controllers
– Asynch/Sync operation up to 78 MHz
– Supports MMC/eMMC v4.2, 4.3 and 4.4
– A/D and AA/D Mode, x8 & x16 NOR Flash interface
– SDIO v 2.0, SDcard v2.1 and v3.0 (UHS-I)
– Support for VLIO or companion chips
– CE-ATA 1/4/8-Bit, SPI mode and boot support
• NAND Flash Controller
• DDR Memory Controller
– ONFI compliant controller supporting SLC and MLC NAND, x8 & x16,
small block and large block
– LPDDR2 32-bit 400MHz (800MTPS)
– 2 Chip Selects with up to 64GB of address space
– DDR2 400MHz (800MTPS)
– Support for 2 KB and 4 KB page sizes
– 2-bit detect/1-bit correct ECC & 16-bit correct BCH
• Marvell Wireless Trusted Module v3
– LPDDR1 32-bit 200MHz (400MTPS)
– DDR3 533MHz (1066 MTPS)
– RBC and BRC bank addressing modes
• Peripherals
– Secure Execution Processor with secure Boot from multiple sources (e.g.
NAND, eMMC) with multiple life cycle states to protect processor
– One MIPI HSI physical layer interface (protocol v1.0 and v1.1 up to
225 Mbps)
– Multi level key & Trustzone extensions for entire SOC
– One MIPI SLIMbus interface (v1.00.00 compliant)
– Secure storage via RKEK-based secure data wrapping
– Three high-speed USB 2.0 Host controllers (two configured as HSIC,
one as FSIC or 12 pin ULPI)
– Hashing units: MD5, SHA-1, HMAC-SHA-1; SHA-224/SHA256 and HMAC,
SHA-512 and HMAC, MD5 and HMAC-MD5
– Symmetric crypto: AES (128 to 256 & ECB, CBC, CTR/XTS modes),
– Asymmetric crypto: ECC (Prime field ECC, FIPS std curve EC-224/256,
EC-DSA) & RSA (RSA key gen, PKCS#1 v1.5/v2.1 Digital Signatures,
x.509 Digital Certificate), & DiffieHellman Key exchange. True HW RNG,
FIPS 140-2 certification
– One high-speed USB 2.0 OTG w/ transceiver
– One Memory Stick PRO controller
– Six SSPs (including 2 dedicated for audio), 6x TWSI controllers, 4x
UARTs, One-Wire interface, 4x PWM
– One USIM Controller supporting 1.8V and 3.0V USIMs
– Keypad controller (up to 8x8 matrix, up to 8 direct keys, up to 2x
rotary encoders and one trackball)
– IEEE 1149 JTAG support
– Trace Port Interface Unit (TPIU)
THE MARVELL ADVANTAGE: Marvell chipsets come with complete reference designs which include board layout designs, software,
manufacturing diagnostic tools, documentation, and other items to assist customers with product evaluation and production. Marvell’s
worldwide field application engineers collaborate closely with end customers to develop and deliver new leading-edge products for quick
time-to-market. Marvell utilizes world-leading semiconductor foundry and packaging services to reliably deliver high-volume and low-cost
total solutions.
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